Director of Team Ministries at Faith Community Bible Church
Madison, Wisconsin

Director of Team Ministries

Reports to: Leadership Team

Position Status: Full-time, Salaried

Location: Madison, WI


Position Summary

To provide oversight, leadership, care, and development to the various ministry teams of Faith Community Bible Church.


Position Overview


Help the Leadership Team develop strategies to carry out the mission and vision of the church.
Give ongoing support to teams and team leaders.


Serve as a member of the Leadership Team
Communicate with the Leadership Team about important pastoral issues that need to be addressed corporately.
Help triage issues with other leaders or individuals when needed.


The house groups are considered the first line of pastoral care, however, this person would also be a pastoral resource for members of the congregation.
Stay attuned to the spiritual and relational needs of groups and individuals within the congregation.
Mobilize and train others in the congregation to provide support and care where it is needed.


Facilitate the equipping and training of the congregation in general to be built up and minister
Meet with the leaders of the various teams to discern direction and development of their ministries in the light of FCBC core values
Help ministry teams organize and evaluate their day-to-day functioning and procedures
Gather house group and other ministry team leaders together for fellowship, encouragement and training.
Support topic / focus groups that enrich our congregation

Bridge Builder

Support the outreach and connection of the congregation to outside organizations and the surrounding community
Inform the congregation of needs in the community and ways to serve.
Help develop and release members’ gifts for building up the church and our neighbors
Represent FCBC to our neighbors and seek ways to collaborate with local pastors and other churches
Seek personal and professional development to continue to learn and grow in this position.



Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with additional ministry training preferred.
A growing disciple of Jesus with spiritual discernment and maturity, willing to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.
Agrees with with FCBC Statement of Faith, Mission and Values
Experience developing, leading, and offering pastoral care in small group settings


Required Skills

Ability to nurture growing faith in Christians of diverse backgrounds, faith trajectories, ages, cultures, genders, and spiritual gifts.
Sensitive and discerning toward the cultural and spiritual context of our city and community.
Ability to teach and lead groups of people
An affinity for mentoring and developing leaders
Able to see the big picture and develop goals for congregational life in the area of spiritual formation
A team player who demonstrates humility and integrity
Able to maintain confidentiality
A good listener
Able to show caring and respect
A skilled facilitator
Skilled in organizing and summarizing information and recommending responses


Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume/CV to: [email protected]



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Faith Community Bible Church
St. James School, 1204 St James Ct
Madison, Wisconsin 53715


Faith Community Bible Church
(608) 255-8484
[email protected]



Madison, Wisconsin
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Church Ministry