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The Biblical role of a pastor can be found in multiple passages in the New Testament. In 1 Peter 5:1-3, the primary function of a pastor is described as “shepherding the flock of God.” As a shepherd, the pastor is responsible for feeding and protecting the flock. This is further described in John 21:17 (“feed my sheep”), Acts 20:28 (“be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock”), and Titus 1:9 (“give instruction in sound doctrine”) among many other passages.


As one charged with the feeding of the flock, the senior pastor will bear the primary Sunday morning preaching responsibility and will function as one of the elders in church shepherding and leadership. Throughout the New Testament, a Biblically qualified plurality of elders is identified as the heart of church leadership. The terms used to describe church leaders (elder, overseer, and pastor) are all used interchangeably. As such, our church does not view the role of pastor as significantly distinct from that of elders in terms of leadership qualifications and accountability. Functionally, while all elders bear some teaching responsibility, the primary preaching role will be filled by the senior pastor.



As described above, the primary responsibility of the pastor is to preach the Word and protect the flock. While this function is practiced in several ways (expository preaching, teaching, counseling etc.), none of the secondary duties below are expected to detract from this primary role of the pastor.


Actively communicate and coordinate with fellow church leaders to advance the mission of the church, which is to glorify God by being and making disciples of Christ through the teaching and proclamation of His Word.
Engage in discipleship and mentoring of fellow leaders and other men in the church.
Lead or engage in adult Sunday school classes, community events, and other church functions as agreed with the other elders.
Foster spiritual growth and fellowship in the congregation. This may take the form of discipleship, hospitality, visitation, phone calls, counseling, etc.
Assist in planning and participate in evangelism and missions. This would include missions trips to various communities throughout rural Alaska to bring the gospel to the unsaved and unreached (Rom 10:17).
Encourage and support our ministry teams in community outreach activities such as Vacation Bible School, Harvest Festival, and New Year’s Eve Party.
Perform wedding ceremonies, conduct funeral services, baby dedications, and baptisms in Fish Creek.
Attend regular board meetings to share goals and challenges as well as to provide reports and updates to the other elders.
This position requires great flexibility in time schedule, including evening activities as well as weekends.



The minimum character qualifications for Biblical eldership are laid out in both 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. The candidates for this role, as an elder in the church, must meet these qualifications. While these lists of qualifications are not exhaustive, they are viewed as minimum requirements for one who seeks the office of elder.


Applicants should have a Master of Divinity earned through an accredited program. Other theological training or certifications may be considered on an individual basis. For specific questions on this, please contact us using the information below.


Applicants should have considerable experience in church leadership and pastoral experience as a regular teacher or preacher.

Applicants must agree with the Faith Bible Fellowship Church statement “What we Believe” linked below.
Applicants must pass a background check. (Faith Bible Fellowship will request and pay for the background check).



Faith Bible Fellowship Church offers a competitive salary as we believe that those who labor in the work of preaching are worthy of high honor (1 Tim 5:17) and should be freed to commit themselves to study and teach the Word (1 Cor 9:1-14).

If you feel called to this ministry opportunity, please provide a current resume with minimum 5 references to the email address provided below. You can also provide any of the following: testimonial, ministry highlights, audio/video sermon links, gifts, talents, and any questions you have.




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The future is in God’s hands as we look forward to what His plans are for Faith Bible Fellowship Church in Big Lake, Alaska.






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