Youth and Young Adult Pastor at Expression 58
Glendale, California


The Youth and Young Adult Pastor is responsible for all aspects of ensuring the spiritual growth, formation and development of the youth and young adults who call Expression 58 their church, and those E58 feels led to reach out to. The role includes but is not limited to programming development, pastoral oversight, discipleship, and volunteer and leader recruitment and development. The person who would be most suited for this role will have a holistic vision and calling for Youth and Young Adult Ministries, a passion for multicultural students, and a commitment to partner with the Holy Spirit to innovate and build.


Develop and implement a comprehensive approach to student/young adult ministry. This comprehensive approach is based on the understanding of the primary tasks of Youth/Young Adults. Youth Ministry is defined as Middle and High School, and Young Adult Ministry is defined as 18-30’s.

-Disciple the youth and young adults in a relationship with God in both large group and smaller relational environments.
-Grow the youth ministry by creating compelling environments to which our youth can invite their non-Christian friends, develop partnerships with local schools/community programs, innovative outreach, etc.
-Build a team of passionate adult volunteers who help mentor, disciple, and serve our young people
-Create a culture of value and love for the word of God through Bible study, spiritual disciplines, etc.
-Show Jesus' love through modeling.
-Challenge the youth and young adults to respond to God's call to serve in their communities and world.
-Provide safe spaces for youth and young adults to process, grow, and be challenged in their faith, while being equipped to handle the cultural issues and challenges they are facing.
-Support and assist the parents in the process of discipling their youth.
-Equip the current youth/young adults to share the Gospel with their friends.
-Build a ministry that engages with local middle and high schools and local colleges/universities in the area through on-campus ministry.
-Work closely with other E58 departments, making sure core values are being implemented, and collaborating for greater impact.
-Provide opportunities (in collaboration with other E58 departments) for our youth and young adults to serve, get engaged, do outreach/justice initiatives, etc


-Be an advocate for the youth and young adults and educate the congregation about the hopes, concerns and needs of such in the local church and community.
-Recruit and train volunteers to serve in various aspects of youth ministry to ensure adequate leader to youth ratios.
-Mentor youth and young adults in their faith development and growing their spiritual gifts and leadership skills.
-Stay abreast of new resources and changes in youth/young adults ministries and youth/young adults' culture and adjust our programming as needed to maintain a current and effective program.
-Select the curriculum, teach or coordinate others teaching, including but not limited to, Sundays and mid-week gatherings
-Attend all weekly Prayer Time, Pastoral/Staff Meetings, Worship Services,  as well as any other regular scheduled meetings.
-Work closely with the Family and Children’s Pastors to provide parents (youth ministry) with continuing education and training in the area of raising their youth.
-Work in partnership with schools, community groups, programs serving at risk-youth,  in the area to effectively reach youth in the community and develop a strategic ministry outreach plan.
-Share new resources, maintain communication with the parents (youth ministry) to assist them in better understanding their youth and the culture they live in.
-Keep records of youth participation and manage the youth ministry budget.
-Communicate with the youth and parents in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, newsletter, texting, etc.).
-Be available to encourage, challenge, and counsel the youth and parents towards effective lives as followers of Jesus, i.e. lunch at school, after school visits, attendance at extracurricular activities, home visits, and support during times of crisis.
-Ensure that all church policies are observed in all youth ministry settings.


-Maintain an authentic and growing walk with Jesus Christ through the ongoing spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, personal worship, fasting, confession, and fellowship
-Clear call of God into pastoral ministry with a passion for youth and young adults
-Proven experience as a Pastor with the ability to build & lead teams, recruit volunteers and create necessary systems to run departments proficiently.
-Experience in start-up ministry and/or working in youth programing
-Have a clear heart for, and experience, in working with multicultural populations, and urban youth.
-Must be highly innovative, a builder, and a self-starter
-Living within character qualifications of 1 Timothy 3, v1-13
-Excellent time management and communication skills
-Leadership and management experience
-Excellent team player, motivator, and committed to the greater community and call of Expression 58
-Commitment to high standards and strong work ethic
-Excellent interpersonal communication, verbally and in writing, with a diverse range of people
-Ability to manage multiple projects independently
-Have MS Office/Google Docs proficiency
-Ability to be positive, flexible & teachable
-Trustworthy with confidential material
-Administrative and organizational skills
-Disciplined and diligent with their time, keeping a balance between home and work
-Committed to Expression 58 Ministry Code of Conduct
-Must come with strong recommendations
-Must submit to a background check


Expression 58
225 S. Chevy Chase Drive
Glendale, California 91205


Maddy Deaconson


Glendale, California
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Salary range to be discussed during interview process
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Exempt status
Not Exempt
Next Gen Ministry
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