English Ministry Pastor at Evangelical Formosan Church/Harvest of San Fernando Valley
7702 Tampa Avenue, Reseda, CA 91335



The English Ministry Pastor (EMP hereafter) is selected for an unspecified period of service by the Senior Pastor in conjunction with the Elders and Deacons board. As the EMP, you will play a pivotal role in our Church's mission to guide and empower young adults on their faith journey. The EMP is expected to contribute to the team spirit of the staff through fellowship, encouragement, cooperation, prayer and other appropriate ways as he serves Jesus Christ and the Church.




The EMP will work with the Pastor Office through the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor. Activities and plans are to be approved by the Senior Pastor.




1.     M. Div or Equivalent: Hold a Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent from an accredited theological institution.

2.     Gift for Relational Outreach: A dedication to reaching out to individuals and communities, both within and beyond the Church.

3.     Amen with the Doctrine and Bylaws of Evangelical Formosa Church: EFC Bylaws

4.     2 or More Years’ Experience in Ministry (Preferred).



We are seeking a candidate who embodies the following qualities:


1.     Love for Jesus: A love for Jesus Christ that is evident in both your personal life and ministry and lives a live as described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

2.     Commitment to Scripture: A deep reverence for God's Word, with the ability to effectively teach and make disciples.

3.     Discipleship Focus: A heart for discipleship, with a desire to equip and mentor young adults in their faith, helping them grow spiritually.

4.     Visit Church Members: Regularly visit and connect with church members, fostering a sense of community and care within the congregation.

5.     Officiate Weddings and Funerals: Officiate and provide pastoral support for weddings and funerals.

6.     Preach on Sunday and Prepare Guest Speakers: Be prepared to preach on Sundays and coordinating guest speakers when needed.

7.     Offer Biblical Counsel to Individuals and Couples: Offer Biblical counsel and guidance to individuals and couples, helping them navigate life’s challenges in a Godly way.

8.     Promote the Vision of the Church: Embrace and promote the vision of the Church, working collaboratively and under the Senior Pastor to fulfill the mission and values of the Church.

9.     All Other Ministry Assigned by the Senior Pastor: Be willing to undertake any other ministry tasks and assignments delegated by the Senior Pastor.



If you feel called to this ministry opportunity and believe you possess the necessary qualifications, we invite you to submit your application. Please include your resume, a cover letter outlining your passion for ministry, and your faith journey.


Join us in our mission to transform lives, build disciples, and spread the love of Jesus Christ. We look forward to welcoming a dedicated English Ministry Pastor who will help shape the future of our Church community.


Please submit your application to the Senior Pastor: [email protected]!



Evangelical Formosan Church/Harvest of San Fernando Valley
7702 Tampa Avenue
Reseda, California 91335


Ezra Lo
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7702 Tampa Avenue, Reseda, CA 91335
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