Senior/Lead/Head Pastor at Evangelical Congregational Church of Tyngsboro
Tyngsboro, MA 01879

Who we are looking for
The Evangelical Congregational Church of Tyngsboro is ready for the plans the Lord has in store for his church!  There is new activity, anticipation and excitement as we prepare for a new pastor to lead us.

A survey of the congregation has been helpful in identifying what the majority are looking for in our next leader. There were not many surprises in the top answers people provided indicating that we are well aware of what we are looking for.

First and foremost, the ECCT is searching for a pastor who is strong with biblical knowledge and able to dynamically and accurately provide spiritual nourishment through their sermons and teaching. He or she will align with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (4 C’S) doctrine and statement of faith.

Our next pastor must be a strong leader who has a mission, a purpose and a passionate vision within them that can mobilize us forward. They must be focused on the future always, prayerfully seeking the Lord’s direction, encouraging us to do the same as we embrace new opportunities and possibilities for achieving the mission of the church: The Evangelical Congregational Church of Tyngsboro exists to honor and glorify God by making and growing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

This individual will be a unifier assisting us in necessary change to reach our goals.
They will be of good moral character, approachable and supportive and will lead a team-based approach and an outward focus.
If he or she are married they should, with the support of the church, prioritize and always make time for their family responsibilities.
Other priorities important to our church would include availability for counseling and hospital visits and passion for reaching young people and families helping the church to grow.
And finally, this individual will need to provide major input regarding changes to our organizational structure and revisions to our Constitution and By-laws.
They will also be expected to help with evangelism and discipleship development.
The new pastor is expected to be paid $65,000 per year for 30 hrs a week.

About us
The Evangelical Congregational Church of Tyngsboro (ECCT) is a warm, welcoming and supportive community with a committed core of serving people. The preaching of the Word of God is held in high esteem by the congregation. At 155 years of age many Christians have sat in the sanctuary that still has its original pews and stained-glass windows.  The ECCT exists to honor and glorify God by making and growing fully devoted followers of Christ.

Over a year ago the church identified a need for a renewed vision. A team was put together with our pastor at the time and eventually a consultant (Health Strategies) was hired to evaluate and advise the church. A church survey identified that both pastor (having served for twenty years) and congregation recognized that a transition in pastoral leadership for ECCT was approaching and we were advised that it was best to be proactive rather than reactive in planning for the next chapter of the church. A Ministry mapping report revealed strengths and concerns. Prescriptions were outlined in detail for the church. Currently with an interim pastor in place our number one priority is to search for a new settled pastor.  Our second priority is to work on the concerns raised in the report understanding that some of them will need the input of our next pastor (specifically organizational structure and needed revisions to Constitution and By-laws) as we together develop a clear, specific path to greater health and effectiveness.

The church is located centrally in the town. We have three buildings on our property. One housing the Thrift Store, the second the church, and the third a small house which is currently being renovated for educational space and office space.


Evangelical Congregational Church of Tyngsboro
23 Kendell Rd
Tyngsboro, Massachusetts 01879


Evenagelical Congregational Church of Tynsgboro
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Tyngsboro, MA 01879
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
$65,000 per year
Ordained position
Exempt status
Problem Solving
Church Ministry