Intern Associate Pastor at Emmaus Church

Title: Intern Associate Pastor

Supervisor: Senior Pastor



The Intern Associate Pastor is one who is both gifted by God and called by God to church ministry, loves people, has a passion for evangelism, outreach and missions both personally and at the ministry level within a multigenerational congregation setting. He strives to be led by the Holy Spirit. He has a passion for the Word of God and desire to proclaim the Word of God with conviction and confidence; moving the congregation to serve locally and globally. The Associate Pastor casts a vision for the ministries under his direction. He lives out the Great Commission by sharing the gospel boldly from the pulpit, being in the community, and through one-on-one relationships.



The following defines the specific functions performed by the Intern Associate Pastor in cooperation with the Senior Pastor:

Vision, direction and leadership of the church’s teaching
Work with the Senior Pastor to ensure weekend services are planned and executed
Communication skills to effectively preach several times a year and be prepared to be the emergency backup speaker in case of last-minute need. Always have an “emergency sermon” ready
Oversee Sunday morning volunteer groups such as welcome center, coffee, communion, and special event tables
Able to recruit, teach, train, spiritually support and effectively provide guidance and oversight to volunteers of adult small groups and adult teachers and leaders; assist small group teachers and leaders with curriculum/study selection within the church
Serve on Sundays by being available in the lobby and entry areas to greet, answer questions and pray for attendees
Serve as the primary contact for visitors. Keeps track of attendance and coordinates follow-up contact with new guest, and members who have not attended church for a couple of weeks
Know the congregation by showing genuine interest in them. Intentional about building relationships with congregation, to include getting to know personal and family stories of the active members of the church.
Tends to the spiritual needs of the congregation as one who will give an account to God
Responsible for tracking the spiritual growth and progress of members
Responsible for new member orientation class
Visit members in the hospital, care facilities and homes
Able and willing to conduct funerals and weddings
Provide pastoral care to children, youth, and families; provide confidential pastoral counseling in emergencies and on a short-term basis
Create a community environment for the congregation
Teach small groups or Sunday School classes as needed
Provide staff oversight for the directors/volunteers responsible for Children/Student/Sunday School ministries
Aware of Spiritual Warfare and how to function in it



Possesses personality, temperament and interpersonal skills to relate and serve effectively within a multi-generational congregation setting
Exhibits evidence of Christian character and servant leadership as stated in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4 in work environment as well as in home/family setting
Gives evidence of a spiritually balanced life (prayer, Bible study, rest, worship, financial stewardship)
Doctrinally aligned with Emmaus’ Statement of Faith, doctrinal positions, mission, and core values (
Gives evidence of a strong work ethic and personal integrity



Engaging experienced teacher/presenter who can bring practical life application to the scriptures
Demonstrate knowledge and ability to guide a seeker to become a baptized disciple of Jesus
Knowledge and ability to use the Bible to guide a new disciple to ongoing spiritual maturity
Bachelor Degree preferably from a Christian college or university aligned with Emmaus’ Statement of Faith and doctrinal positions - with emphasis in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Discipleship, Education or Church Leadership (
Seminary/Graduate Degree, or present pursuit thereof, is desirable.  Ideally this degree is from a Christian college or university aligned with Emmaus’ Statement of Faith and doctrinal positions - with emphasis in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Discipleship, Education or Church Leadership (



The Intern Associate Pastor will be classified as a part-time employee. This is a 15-20 hour per week position.





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Emmaus Church
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Emmaus Church
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Job type
Part Time
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Ordained position
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Church Ministry