Discipleship Pastor at Emerald Bible Fellowship
Eugene, Oregon

Emerald Bible Fellowship (EBF) in Eugene, Oregon is seeking a full-time discipleship pastor to partner with the other elders of Emerald Bible Fellowship to equip the saints for the work of ministry. There is one full-time elder who serves as our teaching pastor with whom the discipleship pastor will work closely.

The discipleship pastor will train and equip the Ministry Teams of EBF, strengthening them in both character and competence, in order for them to serve the members of the church faithfully and effectively.

EBF is a non-denominational church consisting of approximately 150 families who are dedicated to equipping believers to serve Jesus Christ and others. We believe that the church is the people of God, redeemed by Jesus, empowered by His Spirit, in order to live faithfully to God’s Word in every sphere of life.

Summary of Expectations
EBF is seeking someone who is:
o Godly in character (biblically qualified elder)
Worshipper of God above everything else
Humble servant of His Word and His people
Points others to Jesus as the hope of the world
Courageously loves others well so that they flourish in Christ
Relies upon His Spirit to accomplish His good purposes
o Gifted in discipleship and training skills
Centering spiritual growth upon the gospel of Jesus Christ
Encouraging collaboration between members
Equips Ministry Team to lead faithfully and effectively
A collaborative manager of teams
o Competent in Biblical understanding and ability to teach the Word
Seminary graduate or comparable certification by an acceptable church or institution

Compensation package includes:
o Salary between $55-60k/annually
o Health benefits for pastor and family
o Continuing education (books, conferences, materials, classes)

Interested parties are encouraged to go to our website (emeraldbible.com/positionpapers) and
review our statement of faith and some of the position papers of Emerald Bible Fellowship.

If you are interested in applying for the position of discipleship pastor at Emerald Bible
Fellowship, please send a resume to office@emeraldbible.com or mail it to our search
coordinator, Kari Felten, at 1855 Cal Young Road, Eugene, OR 97401, by June 4th along with any
other information that you believe would be beneficial for us to have. Following a review of
that information, application documents will be sent to qualified candidates.

Your fellow servants,
Elders on behalf of Emerald Bible Fellowship


Emerald Bible Fellowship
1855 Cal Young Road
Eugene, Oregon 97401


Kari Felten



Eugene, Oregon
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
between $55-60k/annually
Ordained position
Exempt status
Church Ministry