Minister to Children and Students at Ellaville Baptist Church


The mission of the ministry to children and students at EBC is to partner with parents to make disciples of the next generation. Since the Scriptures are clear that God has given parents the primary responsibility in the discipleship of their children (Deut. 6:4-9; Eph. 6:4) and knowing that equipping parents is by far the most effective evangelism and discipleship strategy, this leader will manage and lead programs that minister to children, students, and their parents that support the overall mission of EBC. This leader will also minister personally to students and parents through building relationships, discipleship, and pastoral care.



A man who is a growing and mature follower of Jesus Christ who has been baptized following conversion
Has completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
Firmly embraces EBC's statement of faith, The Baptist Faith and Message, 2000, the EBC Church Covenant, and can articulate a healthy evangelical theology
Possesses humility, a servant’s heart, and a teachable spirit
Possesses and articulates a vision of student and family ministry to reflect the above convictions
Possesses abilities to teach the Gospel and biblical truth in an engaging manner
Possesses a genuine love for children and teenagers and the ability to relate well with them
Possesses the ability to work well with parents and a committed staff and volunteer teams
Works well within a leadership and reporting structure that includes feedback and evaluation
Is flexible and able to adjust to changing circumstances


Essential Functions


Children’s Ministry

To oversee the Children’s Ministry of EBC
To direct and work closely with the Kids Leadership Team in carrying out the ministry goals and plans.
To recruit, enlist, and train volunteers to serve in the ministry.
To develop and refine Sunday morning programming including Children’s Church, and childcare.
To develop a second weekly children’s ministry program in the future.
To maintain a balanced ministry schedule that includes activities for relationship building and fun, outreach to families in the community, and community service and missions.


Student Ministry

To oversee the Student Ministry to foster discipleship, community, outreach, and missions.
To direct and work closely with the Youth Leadership Team in carrying out the ministry goals and plans
To build relationships with the students in the ministry
To grow in number of participating students, parents, and volunteers.
To recruit, enlist, train, and encourage volunteers to serve in the the ministry.
To oversee Youth Connection on Wednesday nights
To oversee youth Sunday School
To be a consistent presence at and involved in the Schley County School System.
To provide opportunities for students to take part in missions and service in the community.
To maintain a balanced but robust ministry programming schedule that includes activities for relationship building and fun, discipleship, outreach, and community service and missions.


Parent Equipping

Develop and implement a plan for on-going parent equipping and encouragement
Champion communication between the church and home to further assist parents
Develop channels of resources for parents to assist them in family worship and discipleship
Build personal relationships with parents, dads especially, for encouragement, support, feedback, and buy-in to the ministry.



At least 40 hours per week
Attend all services and activities of the church unless otherwise arranged with the Lead Pastor
Attend the weekly staff meeting and all other necessary meetings
Attend a regular meeting with the Lead Pastor for reporting, planning, discipleship, and prayer
Certain office hours will be expected but work location is somewhat flexible. Off-campus work hours and location must be intentionally structured and thoughtfully planned and arranged in advance with the Lead Pastor.
Arrive at least forty-five minutes prior to all services and events
Be available to assist the Lead Pastor in pastoral care and other possible activities
Faithfully perform other duties as assigned



Salary commensurate with experience



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Ellaville Baptist Church
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Ellaville, Georgia 31806


Ellaville Baptist Church
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Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Church Ministry