Night Manager at Door of Hope
Pasadena, CA 91101

Night Manager  
Full-Time, Non-Exempt

Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of families facing homelessness? Are you searching for not just a job, but a calling? Door of Hope, a Christian, faith-based nonprofit that empowers families facing homelessness to transform their lives, is hiring a Night Manager to be part of our life-changing work.
As a Night Manager and the sole staff member on site during your shifts, you will be responsible for upholding a culture of safety and positivity. You will create an environment that fosters healing and provides the stability needed for families to thrive, breaking cycles of homelessness and domestic violence. You will build organic relationships with families, supporting and encouraging them as they pursue their goals through Door of Hope’s programs.


  • Shifts: Sunday-Thursday night shifts, 10pm-7am
  • Night Manager resides on site during entire shift


  • Coverage at site throughout night shift; responds to needs of residents as necessary and appropriate
  • Develop strong connections with families; love and support residents while establishing accountability and upholding program structure
  • Help ensure residents are on track to achieve personal goals
  • Uphold program standards and policies
  • Check for completion of chores and household duties; perform room-checks for resident rooms
  • Communicate updates to Program Staff
  • Notify Program Manager of any emergencies and provide crisis management when necessary
  • Help residents resolve conflicts peacefully and with respectful communication
  • Ensure residents are home each evening and secure the premise properly
  • Conduct drug/alcohol tests when necessary
  • Review security cameras regularly
  • Offer support, prayer, and encouragement to residents during this time of crisis
  • Maintain cleanliness of weekend apartment and follow general cleanliness/disinfectant protocol
  • Perform any other task necessary to support the mission of Door of Hope


  • Bilingual Spanish, strongly preferred
  • Domestic violence certificate, coursework, and/or 1-3 years field experience with DV cases preferred
  • Preferred familiarity with recovery models such as 12-step programs

Character (Do you embody Door of Hope’s four core values?)

  • Christ-centered, expressed through:
  • Faith: We have an active and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Calling: Out of a sense of calling, we go above and beyond to meet our mission.
  • Character: We demonstrate the character of Christ toward colleagues and families.
  • Empowering, expressed through:
  • Trust: We trust one another, believe in one another, and give each other the freedom to take risks. (Mistakes are learning opportunities.)
  • Accountability: We nurture God-given strengths through coaching and accountability.
  • Holistic, expressed through:
  • Whole Person:  Our emotional, spiritual and personal well-being matter to one another.
  • Whole Organization: We are on one team with one mission. (We don’t do silos.)
  • Relationship, expressed through:
  • Family: We love, celebrate, and pray with one another.
  • Reconciliation: We manage conflict, practice vulnerability, and pursue diversity with honesty and grace.

**To apply, send your resume to In your email, please explain 1) your understanding of Door of Hope’s faith-based nature and 2) why you are the perfect fit for this opening.**


Door of Hope
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Pasadena, California 91101


Door of Hope
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Pasadena, CA 91101
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