Worship Pastor at Deermeadows Baptist Church
Jacksonville, FL 32256


The Worship Pastor supports the mission of Deermeadows Baptist Church by encouraging and equipping the church to worship authentically, connect relationally, serve purposefully, and grow spiritually. The Worship Pastor designs and leads the weekly worship experiences and special programs as well as collaborates with the Senior Pastor for seasonal and regular worship themes like Lent, Advent, Summertime, etc. The worship pastor must be a visionary who is creative in leading people to God. The worship pastor is a leader who can communicate a direction in a way that inspires those around him/her to join in the pursuit of that vision. This position is a pastoral one that therefore requires the individual to serve not solely as a musical or performing arts director but also expected to be a servant leader who lives an exemplary life modeling the call, character, chemistry, and competency of one representing Christ and His church.


  • Work with the Senior Pastor and ministry staff in planning and leading weekly and special worship services as well as other special events involving music.
  • Enlist, lead, and cultivate music and worship groups including, but not limited to adult choir, orchestra, praise band, youth, children’s, and senior adult choirs, and creative arts.
  • In conjunction with the ministry team, lead in the development of annual planning and calendaring which supports the mission of Deermeadows.
  • Create and manage a budget for the church’s worship ministry.
  • Collaborate with other church staff in providing worship training, staffing, and experiences for all age groups.
  • Model involvement in the whole scope of church ministries and encourage music ministry participants to do the same.
  • Enlist, lead, and grow the church’s worship technology teams as well as manage the care and maintenance of all video broadcasting, sound, lighting, and audio-visual equipment throughout the church for Worship and special events.
  • Work with the church staff in providing worship and technical support for church events such as weddings and funerals.
  • As a minister of the church, provide specific pastoral care for the music and worship teams along with general pastoral care as assigned by the Senior Pastor.
  • Strengthen the congregation to worship through weekly worship experiences, especially the church’s weekend gatherings.
  • Understanding worship is multi-faceted, create connections for the church – especially in age-graded ministries – for worshipping through music, the arts and helping congregants enjoy a lifestyle of worship.
  • Supervise and evaluate those in roles directly related to worship ministry such as the orchestra director, pianist and organist, worship production team, music librarian, administrative assistant(s), and other related positions.
  • Support and contribute to the efforts of the entire ministry team by valuing all ministries and leading an integrated ministry approach for the church body.
  • Ensure that the church is in full compliance with all music copyright laws.
  • Coordinate with musicians both from within and outside the community, to provide special music as needed.


  • BA/BS in music/worship in the arts degree. Masters in theology or willingness to pursue masters in theological training.
  • Three years’ experience in worship leadership.
  • Testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a growing relationship with Him.
  • Grounded in and able to express sound Biblical doctrine and theology.
  • Basic leadership, communication, organizational skills, and ability to collaborate.


  • Master’s Degree from an ATS-accredited seminary.
  • Minimum of seven years’ experience as a Worship Pastor.
  • Vocal and instrumental ability.
  • Testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a growing relationship with Him.
  • Grounded in and able to express sound Biblical doctrine and theology.
  • Strong leadership, communication, organizational skills, and ability to collaborate.
  • Has an appreciation for different worship styles.


  • Has a strong work ethic with a desire to devote their life to the local church.
  • Has a passion for designing worship to reach all generations.
  • Values authentic worship over performance, and is called to lead the church in worshipping God authentically through regular gatherings and a lifestyle of worship.
  • Is a team player experiencing personal fulfillment in partnering with the church staff.
  • Understands the variety of worship expressions prevalent in churches today, and has experience in meaningfully incorporating those in the local church.
  • Must be a self-starter with a broad perspective of the full scope of church ministry.
  • Enthusiastically supports the Senior Pastor’s vision -- must be a team player facilitating the ministry staff’s high level of collaboration and effectiveness through clear and consistent communication and support.


  • Work hours may vary in length and schedule (may include a non-standard work week).
  • Comply with personnel policies of a full-time staff member.
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings.
  • Be active and present in community outreach ministries of the church.
  • Assume additional pastoral duties as negotiated, which may include: assisting with pastoral care, occasional preaching, communication and technology responsibilities.

Located in the Southside of Jacksonville, FL, Deermeadows Baptist Church is “A community of faith following Jesus Christ in Jacksonville and around the world.” We are built around growing in faith, worshiping authentically, connecting in relationships, and compassionately sharing Christ's love around the world.

Vision & Values: https://deermeadows.org/vision-values/

To be considered for this full time position, please submit a resume, link to a worship service you have led (optional) and your salary requirements to the DBC Worship Pastor Search Committee at DBCwpsc20@deermeadows.org.


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Jacksonville, FL 32256
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