Youth Minister at Culver Palms Church of Christ
Los Angeles, CA

Youth Minister Position

The Culver Palms Church of Christ, a diverse, gender-inclusive congregation in West Los Angeles, is seeking a full-time youth minister. The preferred candidate would have experience in youth ministry, theological training, and a love for nurturing young people in Christian faith as well as a desire to do ministry in the urban/suburban context of Los Angeles. This full-time position includes a salary range of $50,000-60,000 based on experience and education, complete medical/dental coverage, and a working youth ministry fund. The youth minister will work in collaboration with the current youth ministry associate. Please submit a cover letter, resume, and a one-page philosophy of youth ministry to [email protected]. Female and male candidates are encouraged to apply. This position will become available on September 1, 2024.


A. Although specific duties are summarized below, the youth minister will generally work with the senior minister of CPCC, reporting to him for day-to-day supervision, for the spread of the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. The youth minister is also accountable to the shepherds for his/her conduct and performance. The expectations for CPCC ministers are the following: Christian Character1

1) Pursue integrity in personal character. Exalt Christ, not self. Be honest, not exaggerating or overpromising; peace-loving, not contentious; patient, not volatile; diligent, not slothful.

2) Pursue integrity in personal care. Care for the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical dimensions of your person.

3) Pursue integrity in preaching and teaching. Interpret the Bible accurately and apply it with discernment. Speak the truth in love. Give due credit when using words or ideas of others.

4) Nurture the spiritual, emotional, and physical life of the minister’s family, including extended family or close friends.

5) Be trustworthy in leadership. Model the trustworthiness of God in leadership to encourage and develop trustworthiness in others. Use power and influence prudently and humbly. Foster loyalty. Demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of the entire congregation. Keep promises. Respond sensitively and appropriately to ministry requests and needs.

6) Be trustworthy and responsible with information. Guard confidences carefully. Inform a person in advance, if possible, when an admission is about to be made that might legally require the disclosure of that information. Communicate truthfully and directly when asked about individuals with destructive behavior patterns. Tell the truth, or remain discreetly silent.

7) Be trustworthy with resources. Be honest and prudent regarding personal and ministry resources.

1 Partially adapted from Code of Ethics for Pastors (


B. This position is full-time. It is expected that the youth minister will be proactive in setting both personal and ministerial goals. It is also the expectation that the ministerial goals include a vision of supporting the efforts of other ministries in the church, ie., Children’s Ministry.

C. The mission of the youth ministry is to shepherd and exhort youth group members in partnership with their parents as they learn to (1) put God first, (2) cultivate Christlikeness, (3) apply scriptural truth to daily life, and (4) serve God and others.

D. The primary responsibilities of the youth minister are listed below and can be modified depending on the gifts and talents of an individual youth minister. In the spirit of this, the primary responsibilities of the youth minister will include, but not be limited to, the following:

1) Youth Ministry Relationships a) Provide Pastoral care and spiritual formation to the students in the youth ministry as well as the families in the youth ministry. This requires the youth minister to build relationships with parents. b) Organize and regularly teach Sunday morning Bible classes for middle and high school students. c) Organize and co-lead ReOrient (Wednesday night event) with the Youth Ministry Associate d) Organize appropriate social/fellowship opportunities that further the mission of the youth ministry. e) Create and organize other appropriate opportunities for spiritual growth (i.e., mentorship and preparation for life post-high school, Sunday evening devotionals, guy or girl groups, etc.). f) Participate in and, where appropriate, help to lead summer camps (Teen Camp, Kings Kamp). g) Plan annual summer mission trips or other mission or service opportunities.

2) Build relationships with the local community a) Develop partnerships, when/where appropriate, with local youth ministers b) Engage youth in the communities around the church for outreach. c) Build relationships with local leaders with the intent to bless the communities around Culver Palms.

3) Office Relationships a) Meet weekly with the Senior Minister for prayer, planning, and debriefing. b) Meet monthly with the Shepherds and ministers, and provide a monthly written summary of the youth ministry. c) Meet regularly with the Youth Minister Associate for prayer, planning, and debriefing.

4) Church Relationships a) Actively build relationships with church members that are not directly involved in the youth ministry. b) Actively build relationships with parents and children in the Children’s Ministry to better prepare them for integration into the youth ministry. c) Partner with the Children’s Ministry leaders to develop and organize seasonal activities for youth and children’s ministry (i.e., fall festival, Easter egg hunt, VBS) support the work of the Children’s Ministry. d) Participate in and assist the Child Safety Committee in creating and maintaining a safe environment for children and teens. e) Actively seek out ways to integrate students in the life of the congregation through participation in worship, fellowship, and service. Students need to recognize the church needs their gifts.

5) Relationship with Self a) Actively engage in methods for personal spiritual rejuvenation and growth. b) It is encouraged when appropriate that the youth minister engages in therapy. c) Attend conferences and further education when appropriate. d) Have an active personal spiritual life; bible study, prayer life, etc.


Culver Palms Church of Christ
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Mark Manassee
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Los Angeles, CA
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