Associate Marriage & Family Thearpist at Cultivate Therapy Group
Dublin, CA 94568

You’re a go getter by nature, eager to grow as a therapist and learn the ropes of private practice. With about 1500 hours under your belt, you’re starting to figure out who you are as a therapist and what kind of clients you get most excited to work with. As a therapist, you’re thoughtful, curious and excited to partner with your clients to accompany them towards their goals. You love to see how a client’s story connects and drive home feeling energized after a therapy win.

You’re a lifelong learner, committed to doing your own work of healing to become the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally. You’re looking for a supervisor that will help encourage you and sharpen your clinical skills to become the best therapist you can be, not some cookie cutter of what you think a therapist ought to be.

I get it, you didn’t learn how to operate a business in grad school (me either), and sometimes it seems a little overwhelming, but you’re organized and up for the challenge under a supervisor to guide you. You feel most energized when you work with your ideal clients, but you’re intrigued by dipping your toe into other business and marketing tasks here and there.

You'd really love to find a private practice where you made more money than the agency you are working at, with more flexibility to help your work fit your life, not the other way around. Even more than that, you'd like to feel like you can be yourself while doing meaningful work. You want to be excited about being part of a team where you are valued, enjoy some camaraderie in the workplace, and be excited about the clients you are working with, and feel proud at the end of a really hard clinical day because you know you did excellent work.


Cultivate Therapy Group
11750 Dublin Blvd. Ste 101
Dublin, California 94568


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Dublin, CA 94568
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
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Not Exempt
Psychological Services