Intern for Social Media and Community Engagement at Connections Community Church
Irvine, CA 92620

Who we are: Connections Community Church

We are a new church plant in our nascence, starting from scratch in Irvine, CA, with a core team and no members as of yet. During covid-19 pandemic Zoom online will be our major mode for reaching and gathering people, and the Alpha series is the program method we will use for reaching unchurched people. Our mission is to reach and engage unchurched people who are 'turned off' to church and far away from God because they no longer see God as relevant. Our heart is for these dear ones more commonly known as the Nones and Dones and SBNR’s. In order to facilitate success of our initial and ongoing outreaches to them, Connections Community Church needs an intern who will handle basic administrative functions, social media, and community engagement to help us launch. Additionally, there will be a few tasks that will emerge as we discern more of what is needed to engage the community.

What skills/qualities are needed:

·        Must be enrolled in a college/university presently through 2023

·        You are a team player

·        Able to Start January 3, 2022

·        Outgoing personality, with a trait of “grit”, not easily discouraged

·        Teachable spirit

·        Lover of people, ability to handle “difficult” people via phone, online and in person

·        Ability to multitask and organize

·        Marketing and Social Media skills, video editing, knowledge of operating Zoom  and other platforms

·        Ability to hit the ground running and ability to work independently once tasks are assigned

·        A vital faith in Jesus

·        Belief in gender equality in church leadership

·        Ability to work in an environment of going from “nothing to something”

·        Administrative skills and Community Engagement skills; assisting with podcasting is a plus

·        Undergraduate work toward bachelor’s degree, including foundational theology coursework, or beginning graduate coursework toward MA/ MDiv

Internship title and responsibilities:

·        Intern for Social Media and Community Engagement/Online pastor

·        Utilize social media and marketing skills to engage unchurched community members so they become involved in our Alpha Series groups and other ministries

·        Build online digital community on Facebook, send messages, and invite people to join a group, giving them ways to experience a faith community where they can “belong before they believe”

·        Create Facebook Group for this community inviting them into ministry of Connections Community Church

·        Maintain and update roster for general membership, integrating newcomers

·        Manage church website: oversee posting of blogs (monthly), respond to all emails, manage, and log incoming tithes and offerings, post weekly event updates for web developer to make changes

·        Work closely with the Lead Pastor and other core team members, manage, and coordinate weekly sermon recording and podcast topics and recording and advertising for sermons and other ministry efforts

·        Ensure church ads are posted on our social media  (Face Book, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok) and website weekly, i.e., 2 -5 posts weekly per ministry

·        Serve as helper in Alpha groups; follow-up with Lead Pastor and Intern for Discipleship re: Alpha Group roster of participants, co-manage planning and implementation of Alpha Launch Night Gala re: posting invitations

·        Attend weekly ministry huddle with Lead Pastor and other core team members

·        Attend weekly supervision for internship

Internship general description:

·        This is a 9-month, 10-12 hours per week internship, with non-cash Stipend up to $1500.00 covering Books and Tuition only; possibility of internship renewal depending on performance and fit with core team

·        Lead Pastor will sign off on hours to meet your educational requirements

·        Start date January 3, 2022

·        Contact information: Dr. Saundra J. Taulbee, Lead Pastor; cell: 951.442.4964; email: ;  website:

Applicants may contact Dr. Taulbee by forwarding a resume so that she can schedule a Zoom interview if you are interested in pursuing this internship; submit resume and cover letter by September 15, 2021


Connections Community Church
123 Cartier Aisle
Irvine, California 92620


Dr. Saundra J. Taulbee


Irvine, CA 92620
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
1500.00 per 9 months
Ordained position
Exempt status
Being Artistic/Creative
Creative Thinking
Meeting Deadlines
Administrative and Support Services
Church Ministry