Compassion Online Production & Training Specialist at Compassion Christian Church


Compassion Online Production/Training Specialist


The mission of Compassion Christian Church is to lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Job Summary

To further the mission of the Church by effectively assisting in the oversight of the Production Ministry with emphasis on developing, equipping and empowering Volunteers to operate sound, lighting and video systems so that inspiring environments both in person and online are created leading people to impactful worship experiences.


Minimum Qualifications

Experience: Minimum of three (3) years of experience serving in a production ministry or secular production environment with emphasis on leading and developing teams.

Education: Minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university preferred. Consideration will be given to candidates having experience and demonstrated proficiency in field.

Knowledge, skills, and gifts: The candidate must be a motivated and effective recruiter and developer of volunteers including being able to teach complicated technical systems to volunteers. Candidate should have appropriate technical experience, knowledge and proficiency in sound engineering, lighting design or live video engineering. Candidate must exhibit excellent equipment knowledge and demonstrate aptitude in signal flow. Candidate should have experience and proficiency with Microsoft Office applications including Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. Candidate must exhibit excellent leadership, organizational and interpersonal relational skills. Candidate must be tried and proven in ministry and have a passion to share Jesus. Candidate must demonstrate a Christ-like attitude in words and actions, being able to work with a wide variety of people. Candidate must be able to problem solve, maintain and protect confidentiality, and have excellent written and verbal skills.

Physical Demands:

May be called upon for lifting, pulling, bending, climbing, carrying, and pushing as needed to set up activities and events.

Execute tasks at heights of 25+ feet (stage re-set, projector maintenance, hanging fixtures, etc)

Must be able to lift 60 pounds unassisted.

Ability to stand or sit for extended periods of time

Ability to crawl/kneel to perform tasks

Operation of church vehicles.


Expectations & Conditions of Employment

Exhibits a meaningful and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Engages in a regular and ongoing (meeting at least monthly) accountability relationship with a staff partner or other approved person.

Recognizes that our work is important and deserves our very best.

Models the Biblical standard of personal conduct and lifestyle.

Supports and adheres to the Mission, Vision, Values, and Philosophy of Ministry of CCC, including the CCC Statement of Faith.

Supports and adheres to the CCC Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Must be an active, participating member of Compassion Christian Church or another Bible­ believing church.


Duties and Responsibilities (Essentials)
General staff responsibilities:

Work with the Production Ministry Manager to achieve ministry team goals and objectives.

Recruit, train, mentor and equip volunteers for the ministry.

Continually research trends within the industry and provide suggestions for improvement.

Facilitate open lines of communication between members of the team.

•            Meet with the Production Ministry Manager weekly to discuss performance, areas of achievement and areas of improvement.

•            Participation in monthly "All-Staff Meetings", as well as called departmental meetings, weekly team meetings and other required staff events.


Specific ministry duties and responsibilities:

Work with the Production Ministry Manager to develop and maintain training curriculum for all production systems both current and future installations. Training development would include but not limited to the basic and advance operations of each system and specialty training for production staff (i.e. rigging certification, manufacturer equipment training, etc).

Schedule and lead volunteer training sessions for all campuses as needed.

•            Work with campus technicians to identify areas of need for volunteers and then develop training sessions to address the need.

Collaborate with the Production Ministry Team Leader on new technical systems ensuring that the volunteer is considered in all decisions so that systems remain as user-friendly as possible.

•             When scheduled by the Production Ministry Team Leader attend and serve at CCC special events to ensure all technical aspects are adequately covered.

Participate in evaluating, planning and gathering resources for worship services and other technical projects across all campuses.

•            Assist with technical projects, platform re-sets, moving of equipment, and other tasks as assigned to ensure that all facilities are fully operational.

Recruit, train and schedule online Production volunteers.

•             Prepare, maintain and troubleshoot production equipment for online service execution (i.e. Broadcast audio console, Online studio cameras, Online switcher.)

•            Work closely with the Compassion Online Leader to plan and strategize new ideas and creative ways to engage with people through the online platform.

Support and execute remote broadcasts at different campuses or locations.

•             Participate in a weekly online service evaluation with the Compassion Online Leader in order to determine ways in which to improve the online service experience.


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Compassion Christian Church
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Savannah, Georgia 31419


Compassion Christian Church
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Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
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Not Exempt
Church Ministry