Minister of Congregational Life at Coastal Community Church
Grover Beach, CA 93433

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Minister of Congregational Life, Coastal Community Church, Grover Beach, CA

Coastal Community Church is grounded in three core beliefs

  • HOPE beyond our brokenness
  • TRUST  our risen Savior
  • RESTORATION for our community

See for more on our Core Values and What We Believe

The Minister of Congregational Life is the care and connection hub- the contact point for visitors and congregants to the pastoral care and life of the church. Areas of responsibility:

  • Congregation connection
  • Volunteer support
  • Pastoral care coordinator
  • Quarterly fellowship events

Applicants: please submit resume AND cover letter to

Hours: This full-time position is 40 hours per week; Work Days: Sunday through Thursday; Pay rate: $25-30 an hour; Benefits: (after the first 90 days of employment): 10 sick days, one month paid  vacation, matching 403b plan of up to $1500 per year. $5000 medical wrap.

Qualifications: The Minister of Congregational Life must have an active faith in Jesus as t heir Lord and Savior. His or her beliefs must align with those of Coastal Community Church, which can be found at under the 'What We Believe’ section. This position requires emotional and  spiritual maturity, team-leading and team-building skills, and coordination and administrative skills.

Skills and qualities required:

  • Relational – initiate new relationships, express curiosity, listen well, and remember what is shared; have an accurate sense of how you come across to others; able to maintain healthy relational boundaries
  • Hospitality – enable guests and persons in need of care to feel safe and welcome in your presence, and in gatherings of the congregation
  • Communication – connect with people in personal, clear and engaging ways, via phone, text, email, and in-person
  • Administration – create a system to insure that visitor, volunteer and pastoral care connections are being made; monitoring their needs and ways they are connecting with groups and ministries in the church. Have computer-based skills (able to learn digital platforms such as Planning Center, Slack, etc)
  • Team building – identify and connect people with diverse gifts in collaborative relationships around clear purposes and roles in keeping with CCC’s mission
  • Training – able to discern, access and apply appropriate skills, tools and resources in support of volunteer teams
  • Care – competent in basic practices, processes and attitudes of Christ-centered pastoral caregiving
  • Confidentiality – honor all confidences, avoiding every hint of gossip or triangulation
  • Redemptive conflict – able to initiate difficult conversations with wisdom, courage, grace, and truthfulness, in keeping with CCC’s peacemaking principles
  • Intercessory prayer – you have ease in personally accessing the language of prayer with various individuals in various situations ‘in the moment’ (for example, lament, thanks, or petition, or Scripture-based prayer); develop and manage a system of congregational prayer support
  • Matching – able to curate and connect the gifts, passions and resources of the congregation with needs and ministry roles that best fit the Lord’s design for his church
  • Event planning – in collaboration with staff, lead event planning processes, managing goals, schedules, roles, volunteers, hospitality, promotion, resource management, evaluation, and appreciation of volunteers.


Coastal Community Church
1830 Farroll Rd
Grover Beach, California 93433


Pastor Paul Dugan


Grover Beach, CA 93433
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
$25 - 30 / hour
Ordained position
Exempt status
Event Coordination
Human Resources
Personal Interaction
Team Building
Church Ministry