Artist-in-Residence at Cliff Temple Baptist Church
125 Sunset Ave Dallas, TX 75208

Description: Cliff Temple Baptist Church is seeking an Artist-in-Residence to support the congregation’s efforts to encounter God through beauty and the arts. The artist-in-residence is a one-year program designed to give a local artist space to create, space to work, and space to engage others in the arts. Over the years, Cliff Temple has been engaged in the arts through the Roberts Studio. In 2022, the congregation initiated its first arts program which features local artists every month in the church’s gallery, weekly open studio times, and bi-weekly nights of art instruction by qualified artists.

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree or the equivalent is preferred, but not required


  • A personal, observable relationship with Jesus Christ, and a sense of calling from God to serve the church.
  • A lifestyle that reflects and models spiritual maturity in Christ, Christian ethics, personal morality, and the core values of Cliff Temple Baptist Church
  • A giftedness within any area or medium of the arts
  • Experience with public speaking and teaching

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Use the studio space to work on your own projects.
  • Create a work of art for the church as a capstone project. If one’s medium is in performance or written arts, it is to be performed or spoken in front of the church. If one’s medium is in fine arts, the work will be permanently installed in the church.
  • Create and organize a community outreach project that is either a temporary or permanent installation. This can look like, but not limited to, neighborhood beautification, street art installations, or an outreach event.
  • Organize opportunities to engage the different age groups with the arts through teaching or public speaking (children, youth, adults, and senior adults)
  • Attending bi-weekly art nights on Thursday nights from 5-8:30 p.m.
  • Assist the Cliff Temple Art Team with planning and creative direction.

To apply, please submit to [email protected]:

  • Artist portfolio
  • Resume
  • Written statement on faith and the arts (500 words maximum)


Cliff Temple Baptist Church
125 Sunset Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75208


Trevor Jamieson
[email protected]


125 Sunset Ave Dallas, TX 75208
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Creative Thinking
Event Coordination
Public Speaking
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation