Kids & Family Pastor at City Beautiful Church
Orlando, FL

City Beautiful Church is looking for a Kids & Family Pastor to oversee our children, youth and family ministries. We would like a person who has the passion to guide, advocate for and pastor kids as they develop and grow in Christ. They will also create connection points with parents to invest in the spiritual growth of their children.

Our desire is to see this role grow as the ministry and the church grow, which means we are not hiring on current need but vision. For the first year we intend to invest in a 20-25 hour/week position with the expectation to increase hours and salary year-on-year. Our hope is to make a long-term hire who can grow with the church over several years.

While not required, we would love someone who has a few years’ experience in childrens’ ministry and knows how to lead well.


Greenhouse Kids Ministry: Birth - 5th grade
Youth: 6th - 12th grade
Families: Regular engagement and encouragement of parents

1. Volunteer Culture

Establish and grow a team of individuals passionate about raising our children into relationship with Christ
Training teachers and helpers to educate and care for children
Create bonds of devotion and accountability within the team
2. Curriculum Development for Kids ages 2-18

Implement lessons that meet the mission of the Greenhouse & youth ministries
Translate the unique culture of City Beautiful Church into how we teach our children to love God and love one another
3. Administration

Schedule team members for weekly serving
Order supplies and maintain/improve upon Greenhouse facilities
Establish and execute proper safety procedures, training others in safeguarding certification
Coordinate childcare for church events
4. Cultivating Healthy Families

Help parents to lead their children spiritually
Create support networks for our parents to rely on one another
Champion our children and families to the church at large

Self-motivated to dream and then execute a vision for long-term ministry growth
Have a working understanding of childhood development
Lead a team with authority and care - establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relations with others
Be attentive to individual needs among children, team members, and families
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing, specifically with children and parents
Analyze situations accurately and determine an effective course of action
Be detail-oriented in planning and organizing work
Able to self-reflect on effectiveness in role and adjust accordingly

1. Hours (20-25 per week)

Sunday teaching/coordinating
Curriculum preparation/development for children & youth
Administration and budgeting
Engaging with families and team members
Weekly staff meeting, periodic elder meeting
Bi-annual leadership meetings
2. Oversight/Collaboration

Meet with Pastor for regular oversight and personal guidance
Collaborate with Director of Operations to develop volunteer culture, event planning, etc.
Meet with Elders quarterly for updates, and as requested
Work with other ministry leads to build bridges between Greenhouse and the rest of the church
3. Spiritual Growth and Maturity

Attend church at least once a month as a worshiper
Establish a personal community of peer-accountability and mentorship
Engage in spiritual disciplines to encourage personal growth, especially Sabbath
Recognize you are a representative of Christ and this church when in public
Observe pastoral confidentiality and discretion with your flock

Will be responsible to track hours and stay within the 20-25 hour limit
$25,000 annual salary
$480/wk = $24/hr for 20 hours/wk
We have an unlimited paid time off policy, subject to approval and coordination with the rest of the staff

We are a family. This means we are absolutely “for” each other, not against one another. Families have an attentive attitude towards engaging with, and helping their kin. Families work together and problem solve together. As a family, we are interested and invested in the well being of our family unit; we’re all in!
We believe in the “work of the many,” not the few. This ties into our view of each other as family. We don’t make it one person's responsibility to fix/resolve issues.
When held in the correct posture, service is healing, and not wounding. We want the position of service within our church body to be held in a healing posture, and not a wounding one.
We foster kinship and care through our serving practices. Creating opportunities and space to think about each other holistically, rather than solely as a function, or asset to be utilized.
We live into being ministers of reconciliation. Serving is simply another way we worship, it’s all holy!

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City Beautiful Church
777 E Princeton St.
Orlando, Florida 32803


Kevin Brennfleck

[email protected]


Orlando, FL
Job type
Part Time
20 - 25 per week
Pay rate
$24/hr - $25,000 annual salary
Ordained position
Exempt status
Working with Children
Church Ministry