Postdoctoral Clinical Psychologist/Clinical Psychologist at Christian Psychological Associates, John R. Day & Associates
Peoria, IL 61615

Christian Psychological Associates, John R. Day & Associates, seeks a pre-licensed postdoctoral applicant or a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for a full-time position providing a combination of psychotherapy services and psychological evaluations beginning as soon as available.

This practice is a busy, multidisciplinary practice (with master’s-level and clinical psychologists) with five offices in the Peoria, IL region. We serve clients aged 2 to 99, offering individual, family, group and marital therapy, as well as psychological evaluations, including forensic work. We seek someone with a strong work ethic, enjoyment of people, and strong analytical skills, as well as a desire for a long-term position in a thriving clinical environment. The applicant should also be willing to sign a Statement of Faith based on The Apostle's Creed. We have a strong reputation in Central Illinois, and approximately 50% of our clients do not identify as Christians. We treat all those who want services.

Central Illinois offers a combination of positive income potential and a reasonable cost of living. It would be easily attainable to earn a six-figure income within a short period of time following licensure. There are several universities (Illinois State University, Bradley University, University of Illinois, Illinois Wesleyan University), several colleges, and several corporate headquarters in the region. It is possible to live a suburban/urban or a rural lifestyle, depending on preference.

Job Description: The position would involve a combination of psychotherapy (individual-including children and adolescents, marital, and family) and psychological assessment. The mix of the two would depend on the psychologist's preferences, but it could be 50% psychotherapy and 50% assessments, 75% psychotherapy and 25% psychological evaluations, or vice versa.

Salary: $60,000 until licensed. Once licensed and on insurance panels, compensation is 60% of generated fees, a bonus (see below), a retirement plan with a match up to three percent of salary, and malpractice insurance coverage. An income range between $100,000 and $150,000 is attainable within a short period of time (the first year for the lower figure, more time for the upper range) once licensed. Our most recent postdoctoral intern approached six-figures in her first year after being licensed, working four days per week.

Benefits: A bonus of $350/month ($4200/year) is provided once on commission and generating 300 clinical hours per quarter. A retirement plan is also available, with a match up to three percent of salary. Two weeks of paid vacation time is included during the postdoctoral period.  Malpractice insurance coverage is provided.

Contact email:

Office fax: (309) 692-2262

Office phone: (309) 692-7755

Web Page:

Facebook: Christian Psychological Associates, John R. Day & Associates, Ltd.

1) We currently provide telehealth services, for those therapists and clients who wish to do this.

2) We will be open to see clients for as long as we can in all of our locations. If we need to close for a while, we will let you know here, on our Twitter feed, on our website, and on our voicemail system. We will also attempt to call as many clients on our schedule as possible.

3) If we need to close our physical locations, we may implement a remote phone system to answer calls, make/change appointments, and help you to connect with your therapist if telehealth is a covered service under your insurance policy. For seniors and others with Medicare, we will provide services via telephone or video if needed, and we will work with Medicare to pay for those sessions.

4) If any of our clients contract the virus or has been quarantined due to contact with an individual with the virus and are home bound, we will work with your insurance to help pay for telehealth sessions.

5) Our staff may or may not wear nitrile gloves to help prevent any cross contamination, so please bear with us. Some of our staff are care givers to elderly parents and grandparents.

6) We have provided hand sanitizer in the waiting room.

7) We have implemented a wipe down of handles, chairs, and surfaces in the waiting area every night with Clorox wipes.


Christian Psychological Associates, John R. Day & Associates
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Luke Dalfiume
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Peoria, IL 61615
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