Executive Director of Chaplain Services at Christian Living Communities
Centennial, CO 80121

The Executive Director of Chaplain Services (EDCS) serves as the organization’s senior advisor on matters related to mission, culture, community, and spiritual care. As a member of Christian Living Communities’ Executive Leadership Team, the EDCS will create, foster, and grow initiatives, policies, events, and programs that will cultivate a culture that is aligned with our core organizational mission and “We” values. This individual will act as a senior advisor to the CLC Board, the CEO, and the CLC Leadership Team, and participates in events, meetings, and communications.

Additionally, the EDCS will serve as a community chaplain in one of the CLC communities and ensure quality spiritual care is prioritized and sustained in all communities by overseeing the ministry of CLC’s professional Chaplain Services team.

The EDCS has a significant influence in the organization and will need to bring four primary, demonstrable gifts to Christian Living Communities.

1.  The first is a personal faith that translates to gracious Christian thought and action.

2.  The second is a seasoned and reliable commitment to our mission and values:  he or she must fully understand the mission, embrace our values, and be willing to give himself or herself to it without hesitation or fear.

3.  Third is an unwavering commitment to providing quality spiritual care to all of our core constituents including residents, family members, and team members and be one who is passionate about creating a culture of belonging for individuals of all different belief systems and identities.

4.  Fourth is a nurturing personality that is able to strengthen others, bringing out the best in all of us.

We speak often, perhaps too easily, of “servant leadership” which lies at the heart of qualities we seek. We are praying for someone who lives our Core Values and is a person who embodies hope and Christian character. The preferred candidate should demonstrate in life and work the character traits we most admire in our staff. The person we seek will value inclusiveness and diversity, will prefer collaboration and consultation in decision making, and will prove a colleague and partner to all with whom she or he serves.  A reputation for integrity, discernment, and strength of character will be evident in her/his public and private engagements.

The EDCS will advance a clear and Christian vision for the whole of CLC as well as its parts. We exist to enrich the lives of older adults, and we have been motivated throughout our history by the call of our Lord, “As I have loved you, so you must love one another” (John 13:34).


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Cindy Simpson
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Centennial, CO 80121
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