Senior Rector at Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church
Danvers, MA 01938

Rector Job Description

Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church (Danvers, MA) seeks a full-time Rector to lead our congregation, clergy, and staff. As a member of the Anglican Diocese of New England, our bishop is the Rt. Reverend Andrew Williams. A comprehensive description of the parish is available at our online Parish Profile & Rector Profile.


  • Experience: 5+ years of ministry in a parish including regular preaching duties
  • Education: Appropriate seminary degree(s) and competency with biblical languages
  • Possess the qualification of Elder according to 1 Timothy 3:1–7 and Titus 1


The Rector must be a committed Christian, well-grounded in the Scriptures and in orthodox Christian theology, earnestly contending for the Faith once delivered to the saints, firmly rooted in the Anglican tradition.

The Rector should model for the people of God a passion for the Word of God, for the growth of the people of God into Christ’s likeness, and for the Gospel of God to be preached to those who are far off and to those who are near, that the lost may be found and the dead made alive.

The Rector must be equipped to shepherd and pastor the congregation, modeling pastoral care for laity and other clergy with discernment and compassion.


At Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church, the Rector has a breadth of responsibilities. The Rector, in consultation with the Vestry, must discern those activities to perform directly and those activities that are shared with or delegated to other clergy, staff, and laity in our parish. The Rector is responsible for overseeing both the spiritual health and well-being of the parish as well as the administrative aspects of parish life.

The Rector must be a leader of both clergy and laity within the church. Within a model of shared ministry, the Rector should demonstrate the capacity to:

  • Work with the Vestry to establish, guide, and communicate the values and vision of the church.
  • Preach and teach the Word of God with clarity and faithfulness.
  • Faithfully administer the Sacraments in accordance with the Book of Common Prayer.
  • Carry out the administrative leadership of the church, working collaboratively with wardens and treasurer as well as other lay leaders.
  • Oversee effective communication throughout the parish.
  • Equip the laity for the work of ministry, raising up and investing in leaders.
  • Oversee Christian Formation for all ages.
  • Lead actively to grow the parish’s liturgical life, particularly our Solemn Sung Eucharist.
  • Oversee preparation for baptisms, confirmations, etc.
  • Coordinate and supervise the work of all other clergy and lay participants in worship.
  • Ensure clarity of staff job descriptions and performance evaluation procedures.
  • Advance the ministry of outreach and evangelism, both locally and globally.
  • Ensure the pastoral care of individuals and families in times of particular need, sorrow, celebration, or transition; and equip the laity to further model this care for one another.
  • Serve as a mentor to Anglican seminarians and the newly ordained.
  • Encourage godly stewardship of gifts and talents, and uphold the tithe as the standard of giving for the church.
  • Oversee and advance the development of ministries to the wider community.
  • Attend Synods, clergy conferences, and other diocesan events as applicable.
  • Undergo an annual review process with the Vestry.

The Rector will be expected to establish and maintain communication with the wider Church, including the ADNE, the ACNA, and the worldwide Anglican Communion. Similarly, the Rector should develop appropriate relationships with local churches of other denominations, as well as area organizations engaged in the common task fulfilling the Great Commission. The Rector will represent the Parish to the Diocese and the Province, and likewise, should represent the Diocese and the Province to the Parish.


Compensation will be within the compensation guidelines of the ACNA and ADNE.


More about our search process can be found at

CTR has no mandates regarding vax but follows local and  state protocols for worship, meetings, and masks in our public spaces.


Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church
188 Elliott St
Danvers, Massachusetts 01923


Jo Ann Buccigrosso


Danvers, MA 01938
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