Pastor of Students at Christ Community Church
Greeley, CO 80631

Christ Community Church is a vibrant faith community in Greeley, Colorado located near the magnificent Rocky Mountains (serious views). We adore our city and seek every opportunity to serve it and see it thrive. In addition to new and expanding developments happening throughout this region, we also have the charm of a picturesque downtown that is lively and fun with locally-owned shops, breweries, and restaurants (including our very own Zoe’s coffeeshop and events center --

We are a church of approximately 2000, and we offer multiple service options for people to experience on the weekends or throughout the week. As a Word and Spirit church, we are committed to the authority of God’s Word and to pursuing an authentic experience of the Holy Spirit.

Greeley has a large middle and high school population. Our student ministry (7th-12th grade) is connected to many of them. We are in the midst of a beautiful season of seeing students being loved and cared for by a strong team of quality volunteers and seeing deep relational communities being formed. There is a felt potential and we are looking for a Pastor of Students to join us in continually learning how to foster that, disciple students and empower students in increasingly effective ways.

We have a fun authentic staff that feels like family and a healthy, thriving staff culture. We would love for you to explore our amazing community and people as we actively seek to follow Jesus in all things as a thriving family with a heart to bring hope to all people.

Qualities & Responsibilities for a Pastor of Youth & College candidate include:

Passionate Pursuer of God

Passionately pursue God and listen to him first and foremost as he leads the church forward in fulfilling his purpose. Model this passionate pursuit with transparency, integrity and mercy, and allow God's Word to become increasingly more integral in every aspect of life.



Ministry Area

We need someone who can:


Intuitively and authentically lead students and volunteers in a way that guides, motivates, and inspires them.

Be a Visionary leader who isn’t stuck in the status quo but is able to see and thoughtfully lead the ministry forward to where it needs to go.


See students as individual people, not numbers, and make it a priority to spend time with them, get to know them, and pastorally care for them. They know how to talk with students naturally and students feel they are approachable, open, relatable, and understanding.

Invite and pursue students who aren’t yet connected to the youth ministry. They follow up with students who haven’t been seen in a while and don’t let them slip through the cracks.

Understand today’s youth culture and the unique circumstances/challenges this generation faces while continually learning more. They see the unique potential and the ache in the hearts of this unique generation of students.


Communicate effectively, teaching the gospel and spiritual things in a relevant, engaging way that captures student’s hearts and attention and connects with their present circumstances. Including to the unchurched.

Be the chief representative, cheerleader, champion, shepherd and empowerer of students in our church. Not just informing the whole church of what’s happening in the youth ministry, but showing the church the gifts, abilities, and virtues this generation brings to the intergenerational church family.

Support parents by helping their kids get connected, respond to their questions/concerns and empower them to engage in their student's spiritual walk.


Plan and implement effective, fun programs that feel relevant, engages students and speaks to where they’re at. They’re up to date on current youth ministry culture/ideas.

Think 6 months ahead, plan/prepare accordingly for future events, retreats, mission trips, etc., and follow through efficiently and thoroughly.




Intentionally recruit, raise and pour into leaders that understand the big picture and can continue to move ministry forward. Create opportunities for emerging student leaders to grow in their relationship with God and serve others.


Manage and utilize text, email, and social media platforms to engage with students and to inform students and parents about upcoming events. Effectively communicate with parents in ways that keep them informed.


Attend all-staff meetings; perform Pastoral Care (including on-call, hospital visitations, weddings, and funerals) as assigned.

Schedule & Compensation

40-45 hours/week (actual schedule to be determined by Next Gen department)

Salary: $60,000--$65,000/year plus health insurance (100% for employee with family add-on options), life insurance, matching 403b retirement, ministry expense funds, paid holiday, sick, vacation, and ministry leave.

For more information about Christ Community, please visit our website at

Instructions to Apply:

Send a resume and cover letter to Jamie at [email protected].

Include 1-2 videos of you teaching in a pastoral context.

Provide 3 professional references.


Christ Community Church
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Jamie Doddridge
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Greeley, CO 80631
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