Executive Pastor | Director at Christ Church of Oak Brook
Oak Brook, Illinois

Executive Director | Pastor
Christ Church – a 5,000-member nondenominational multisite church in Chicago’s western suburbs – seeks an Executive Pastor/Director to serve as its #2 staff leader in a time of immense opportunity for kingdom influence. This person will partner with a visionary Lead Pastor and direct a highly gifted staff in leading thousands of people on the path of Christian discipleship.

When Jesus was asked what success looked like, he said, “Go and tell them that the blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who are ill are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor!” (Luke 7:22). In other words, proclaim the reality of the all-powerful, unconditional, life-changing love of God.

This role has the ability to impact the world in the way Jesus described in this passage. The Executive Pastor/Director will work in a fast-paced, creative and collaborative workplace. He or she will serve as the chief integrator of the staff and ministries, in pursuit of the mission of Jesus and the strategic plan of Christ Church. Candidates for this position will possess unusual gifts of team-building, project-management, administration and evaluation. She or he will be a systems thinker, exhibit high emotional intelligence, and understand the nuances of leadership in a large church or Christian non-profit setting.

If you sense the soft whisper of God’s Spirit nudging you to consider how you might impact the church and the world in a dynamic and growing ministry setting, please consider exploring this new opportunity at Christ Church of Oak Brook.

The Executive Pastor/Director will serve as the chief integrator of the staff and ministries in pursuit of the church’s mission and strategic plan. He or she supports the Lead Pastor’s role as the church’s chief visionary.

Position Summary and Key Functions
The Executive Pastor/Director aligns human, financial, creative, operational and missional resources toward clear, measurable outcomes in pursuit of the church’s mission and strategic plan. Key functions of the Executive Pastor/Director include:
Reinforce organizational clarity by communicating the church’s vision, values, policies and strategic aims so they don’t get confused or lost.
Run the day-to-day operations of the church -- integrating the work of all ministries and support functions to maintain stability and accountability to established standards and expectations.
Chair the Strategic Leadership Team.
Serve as staff liaison to the Elder Council.
Ensure that staff and key lay leaders are aligned to the church’s strategy, policy and practices.
Model the practical faithfulness and discipline that ensures the visionary plan is executed.
Be the voice of reason about what is wise/doable.
Discern the resistances to progress and move swiftly to dissolve them so people can thrive.
Establish relevant metrics and measures and see that data is gathered, analysis is done and reports are created to describe progress against intentions.
To thrive and find success in this role, the Executive Pastor/Director will be someone who:
Exercises a high degree of personal accountability
Is able to manage emotions well
Anticipates and thinks ahead
Makes timely decisions and takes ownership and responsibility for decisions made
Plans, organizes and administrates effectively
Manages and resolves conflicts well
Actively solicits the input of others, seeking to discern God’s will in determining the best course of decision-making and action
Catalyzes team cohesion
Understands and evaluates others
Coaches and develops people
Enjoys achieving goals
Effectively persuades
Demonstrates resilience and adaptation
Continuously learns and encourages those around her/him to do the same
Resonates with and can support the theology and practice of Christ Church

Support the Lead Pastor in his role as the church’s Chief Visionary
Serve as the Chief Integrator of the staff and ministries in pursuit of the church’s mission and strategic plan.

Engage in the spiritual practices needed to cultivate the personal health, differentiation, and discernment from which effective Christian leadership comes.
Serve as the “Chief Integrator” (operating officer) of the church’s ministries
Consult closely with the Lead Pastor on the overall vision, values, ministry structures, and leadership agenda of the church.
Shepherd the work of the staff and the practice of rhythms that foster personal health, effective collaboration, and ministry fruitfulness.
Guide the integration and development of the ministries that sustain the church’s life and advance its strategic vision.
Lead required change management, discerning and removing obstacles to progress
Align staff and key lay leaders to the church’s strategy, policies, and practices
Ensure that responsible and effective administrative, financial, human resource, facility resource, technological support and communication practices are in place.
Oversee the tracking and reporting of key performance indicators relevant to ministry health and progress against the objectives of our strategic plan.
Chair and coordinate the work of the Strategic Leadership Team
Coach the individual members of the Sr Leadership Team, encouraging them in their ministry leadership, personal development, and the supervision of the staff under their care.
Set the team’s agenda in pursuit of the church’s strategic vision and in handling rising issues and opportunities.
Work with the Sr Leadership Team to set the leadership agenda of the church’s staff and lay teams.
Leverage the Lead Pastor as needed to consult on issues or speak to constituencies where his gifts or voice seem important.
Support the work of the church’s two major governing boards
Serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees, partnering with the Lead Pastor to ensure that the Board has sufficient information to take relevant action.
Serve as primary staff liaison to the Elder Council, working with its chair to set goals and pursue progress on initiatives. (unless this role is delegated to another staff member)
Serve as convener and moderator of periodic gatherings of the wider Leadership Community.
Provide leadership elsewhere as requested by the Lead Pastor or circumstances demand
Provide professional presence in situations that require executive touch.
Teach or speak periodically in various communities of the church (as requested)
If the position is filled by an ordained clergy-person:
Preach in public worship services (as assigned by the Lead Pastor)
Serve as a worship host/liturgist on other occasions (as requested)
Offer pastoral care (as possible)

Spiritual maturity evidenced by a long walk with Christ, the fruit of the Spirit, and a passion for the mission of God in the world
Understanding of the local church and the key elements of ministry health
Strong interpersonal and problem-solving gifts (high emotional intelligence)
A record of effective executive leadership – coaching and coordinating the work of multiple staff toward specific goals
Excellent skills in building cohesive, high-performing teams
Capacity to create processes for discernment, decision-making and conflict-resolution
Entrepreneurial instincts coupled with execution disciplines
Ability to identify needs and respond appropriately, sensitively, and proactively
Effective verbal and written communication skills
Comfort in leading from the second chair
Continuous learner


Christ Church of Oak Brook
501 Oak Brook Rd.
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523


Larry W. Lutey



Oak Brook, Illinois
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Full Time
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Organizational Management
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