Worship Director at Christ Church East Bay
Berkeley, CA 94709

Introduction to Christ Church East Bay

Christ Church East Bay is a church that began in 2006 and is in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) denomination. We meet in Berkeley just two blocks north of UC Berkeley in a neighborhood where the first Peet’s Coffee and Chez Panisse are each just one block away. Our neighborhood and the surrounding areas are home to graduate students, young families, young and mid-career professionals, professors, retirees, and long-time residents, and our congregation is a reflection of that.
Our worship style is “ancient future” and draws on the streams of Scripture, Sacrament, and Spirit. We follow the classic fourfold liturgical structure — Gathering, Word, Sacrament, Sending — and we celebrate the Lord’s Supper every Sunday as the application of every sermon. While we are in the Reformed/Presbyterian tradition, we have not limited our worship to that stream (RUF, Indelible Grace, Sovereign Grace, Getty, Capitol Hill Baptist, etc.); and while we are contemporary/modern, we have not been full-on CCM either (Hillsong, Bethel, Tomlin, Redman, etc.). We have sought to be somewhat “third way” with a more balanced and blended sound like City Alight, incorporating both old hymns and contemporary songs.
We understand the Biblical purposes of worship through music to involve up-reach to the Triune God (magisterial), in-reach to Christ-following brothers and sisters (medicinal), and out-reach to non-Christian neighbors and nations (missional). We are praying the Lord will provide us just the right Worship Director to lead us into this next season of our mission “to lead people into a deeper relationship with Christ and his Church through community and for the city.”

Job Description


  • Lead all music ministries in the church
  • Promote a culture of authentic worship that is gospel-centered, multicultural, and contextualized to our congregation and our city
  • Create a process to develop our worship team (auditions, orientations, training sessions, team meetings, conferences, etc.) primarily from within the congregation
  • Scale our music ministry as our church grows
  • Propose an annual worship ministry budget and work within an approved budget
  • Work with pastoral staff to teach classes, seminars, and workshops for our church


  • Lead and direct worship team for Sunday worship services
  • Collaborate with pastoral staff to plan Sunday worship music with the liturgy and sermon themes in mind
  • Schedule and manage all worship volunteers
  • Plan and run weekly rehearsals
  • Oversee all areas of worship production (worship guide, worship slides, maintenance of church instruments and sound equipment, livestream)
  • Plan music for special services (e.g., Night of Prayer, Christmas Eve, Good Friday, Retreats, Conferences, Seminars, etc.)
  • Work with youth and children’s ministry leaders to find worship leaders for age-graded worship experiences
  • Oversee use of church sound and video equipment


  • Shepherd, manage, and care for all worship team and AV team volunteers and professionals
  • Invest in the communal life of the church (e.g., community/discipleship groups, etc.)
  • Assist in spiritual care of our church (e.g., newcomers, regulars, members)


  • Network with local musicians to build our musician pool
  • Spearhead ways to serve our city through the arts


  • Promote the mission, vision, and values of our church
  • Assist staff with church-wide events as needed
  • Because Christ Church is a small church with a relatively small staff, you may be asked, from time to time, to perform tasks outside of your job description in furtherance of the church's mission, goals, and needs

Reports to: Lead Pastor

Works with: Staff, volunteers, independent contractors (audio/video tech and other musicians)

Hours: Full-time (40+ hours per week)

Schedule: Sunday - Thursday, some weekends and evenings

Hire contingent on passing a background check. To apply for this job opening, please submit a cover letter, your résumé, and a completed employment application form (available at https://www.christchurcheastbay.org/employment) to [email protected]


Christ Church East Bay
2138 Cedar St
Berkeley, California 94709


Hiring Team
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Berkeley, CA 94709
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