Christ Church – Director of Student Ministries at Christ Church - Director of Student Ministries
Austin, Texas

Denomination: Anglican

Weekly Attendance: 450

Location: Austin, Texas

The Role: Director of Student Ministries


About Christ Church:

Christ Church is an Anglican, urban, church which means it has deep concerns for the poor, marginalized, and those on the edges of society, and has a number of students who grow up in deeply committed Christian families. We are called to be a people of changed lives in the heart of our city, mending our world for the praise of God’s glory.

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About the Director of Student Ministries:

Our big goal for High School and Middle School is helping students who have grown up in church begin to own their faith for themselves. Most are home-schooled or attend private-Christian schools. Discipleship for them isn’t more Bible info but how to live their faith out in serving the marginalized, evangelism, mission, etc.

We are hoping for this person to remain in this position for at least 3 years so that they can learn the position and set up some ongoing structure.


The Director of Student Ministries Responsibilities Include:

Oversight of All Student Ministries
Lead High School: Continue growth and discipleship in this weekly ministry.
Lead Middle School: Develop ways of deeper community for this bi-weekly ministry.
Lead College Group: Leading about 15-20 college students over the summer and 5-10 during the school year. Take the next steps to build here.
Recruit and Develop Leaders for Youth – Both Adult Leaders and Student Leaders.
Raise up student leaders to lead others.
Involve multi-generational ministry.
Look for ways to connect youth to the rest of the church by involving them especially in Sunday worship.
Special Programming – Unique and Special Events Aimed at Whole Life Transformation.
Lead 1-2 service/education/mission trips throughout the year including our summer Love Where We Live trip.
Host 2 retreats/lock-ins a year.
Teach a youth catechesis (discipleship) class every other year.
Looking for creative ways to gather and disciple students (service opportunities, pool parties, etc).
Discipleship and Personal Contact Work – Regular meetings with students on their terms, outside of the programmatic time, to build relationships. Not a ‘desk pastor’ but ‘on the streets’ with students in their spaces.

What You Bring:

Education & Experience

An undergraduate degree or nearing completion of an undergraduate degree is required.
Some theological education whether through undergraduate studies, graduate school, or certificate of ministry.
Experience in serving youth, either in seminary internship, or Young Life, or some previous youth ministry internship, or some other way of having some background of working with youth.
Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

A vibrant relationship with Jesus that is contagious and fun; lives an attractive Christian life.
Friendship/welcoming/hospitality are the center of our youth group. A candidate who has soft skills of putting others at ease and a high EQ.
A heart for mission, they’ve been shaped and changed by mission/serving and the relationships they’ve made with the poor and vulnerable. They call others into this work. Justice isn’t just a buzzword but a way of living out the gospel.
Knows how to keep the momentum going organizationally and involve others, not a lone-wolf leader.
Not afraid of doubts and questions and encourages students to face them in the community.
Models and cultivates vulnerability; high in empathy.
Personal Characteristics

Generative: Able to make things happen; initiates transformation/formation.
Fun-loving: Light-hearted and joyful; not taking ourselves too seriously.
Hard-working: Has whole-hearted devotion to our work; cares about our work in a way that aims for results and excellence.
Perpetually learning: Always reading and listening; looks for ways to keep growing/learning within ourselves and within our ministries; asks good questions.
Relational: Relates to each other and parishioners with a “people first” mentality; contributes to a culture of care and trust.
Risk-taking: Willing to take a chance, to fail; is adaptable and willing to think outside the box.

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Christ Church - Director of Student Ministries
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