Youth and Family Ministries Pastor at Chinese Community Church
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Are You Our Next Youth Pastor?

Position: Part-time Youth and Family Ministries Pastor
($25/Hour @ 30 Hours/Week, with potential for full time)

Our Youth and Family Ministries Pastor (or, abbreviated as “youth pastor”) will extend the mission of Chinese Community Church (or “CCC”) through shepherding and teaching students to:

  • grow in their relationship with Jesus as his disciples
  • be developed into leaders who serve God and others
  • be equipped to reach out to the community with the love of Jesus

Reports to: Senior Pastor, Rev. MaryAnn Nguyen-Kwok

The Youth and Family Ministries Pastor will:

  • oversee students in grades 6-12
  • lead and be responsible for a weekly Youth Sunday Service that is engaging
  • organize a monthly fun after-service gathering (lunch, games, or other activity)
  • collaborate to plan family events to foster relationships
  • raise leaders who will impact their families, school, and community
  • inspire youth in the areas of emotional health, spiritual depth, relational connection, and purposeful vocation
  • regularly connect with parents
  • train and mobilize adult volunteers to act as mentors to the youth
  • develop ways to foster relationships with the youth and between the youth, and between youth and their parents

The Youth and Family Ministries Pastor must have:

  • Agreement and alignment with the vision, theology, philosophy of ministry, and culture of Chinese Community Church
  • A deep relationship with Jesus through daily prayer and devotions
  • An embodied healthy spirituality
  • Some seminary training or Christian college education
  • Highly developed skills to communicate to students in an engaging way through his/her depth of understanding of Scripture
  • Experience leading middle and high students in youth ministry
  • Ability to communicate well with supervisor, volunteers, and fellow staff members
  • Professionalism and ability to steward a God-honoring work ethic
  • A warm personality and ability to gain rapport with parents for partnership in the discipleship of the youth

Youth Service
The youth pastor will lead and be responsible for the weekly inspiring preaching and engaging programming that will develop CCC youth. Elements for the youth service include an ice breaker, a relevant lesson from
the Bible that is designed to teach and invite students to live out what they're learning in a practical way, and prayer.

After-Service Hangout
We envision the youth pastor planning monthly gatherings after the service to eat, play games, and just have fun together. This time is designed for new students as well as regulars to get to know each other and deepen their relationships with each other in a casual and relaxed context.

Church and Family Events
The Youth and Family Ministries Pastor will collaborate with the Board of Christian Education to organize regular family events. These events will create opportunities for families to foster relationships with those
in the church and the community. Example of events: movie nights at the church, game nights, Easter egg hunt, fall carnival, beach days, or joining worship nights with other youth groups. Events can also include
service projects such as assembling care packages. These events would ideally be every 1-2 months.

The youth pastor must have highly developed skills to communicate to students in an engaging way, as well as a deep and personal understanding of Scripture that begins with the depth of their own relationship
with God. We envision this new leader to have a proven ability to teach and inspire students to live out the truth.

New Foundations
The last several years of CCC youth ministry have been a time of laying a new foundation. With the pandemic and students aging out of youth ministry, we have been building the youth group anew. Along
with this, we also recently called a new senior pastor who is leading our church toward new growth. With stability and a solid vision in place, the new youth pastor will come into a healthy context that is poised for

Team & System Builder
As Chinese Community Church grows, it is important that the new youth pastor is strategic about ministry structure that is scalable to grow with the church. We envision a youth pastor who has a desire to be trained
with effective tools and methods to maintain safety, meet new youth, partner with parents through the formative years, and equip volunteers.

The youth pastor will be supervised by our senior pastor, Rev. MaryAnn Nguyen-Kwok. The youth pastor shall align ministry plans and vision with Pastor MaryAnn’s vision and direction for the church. The youth pastor may also have the opportunity for mentorship from Pastor MaryAnn in any areas of desired growth in ministry, such as preaching, teaching, and leadership.

To Apply: Please submit the following via email to [email protected]:

  • Cover Letter
  • Statement of Faith
  • Resume

All documents should be compressed into a single zip file, titled using the following naming convention:


Questions may be emailed to [email protected]. Thank you for your interest!

Complete applications to be received by June 24, 2024.


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