English Pastor at Chinese Christian Mandarin Church
Burr Ridge, IL

Chinese Christian Mandarin Church (Burr Ridge, IL) – English Pastor


The Big Picture

Chinese Christian Mandarin Church (ccmcenglish.org) is seeking a full-time English Congregation Pastor.


The Church and Position Overview

The Chinese Christian Mandarin Church (CCMC) is an evangelical church in the western suburb of Chicago. It is composed of a Mandarin speaking and an English speaking congregation, each of whom have their own separate worship services and ministry goals. Although in many ways independent, the English ministry and Mandarin ministry still function together, operating under one doctrine and church governance with the collective aim to serve and be witness to the local community. The current available pastoral position is for the English speaking congregation, which is composed of approximately 20-30 individuals including youth and adults. We are looking for a God fearing pastor who is desiring to shepherd this small but diverse ministry, and one who is willing to bridge the various unique cultural differences in the church.


English Congregation Pastor Ministry Description

The main responsibility of the English-speaking pastor is to direct and oversee the English Ministry at Chinese Christian Mandarin Church (CCMC). This position includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities.


English Sunday Family Worship Service

Expository preaching rooted in God’s Word with practical applications
Working with the English Congregation music team
Helping lead communion services with the Mandarin Congregation
Arranging guest speakers when needed


Other Teaching Roles and Discipleship

Teaching the English-speaking congregants to be active learners in God’s Word through Sunday school, small group or equivalent activities
Creating and reviewing curriculum for the English-speaking congregants
Recruiting, training, discipling adult leaders
Attending English Ministry prayer meetings and cultivating a culture of prayer in the English Ministry
Working with the Senior Pastor and youth family leaders to instruct youth group kids



Developing a ministry vision for evangelism in our local community
Equipping the English-speaking congregants to be faithful witnesses in our community


Fellowship and Church Community

Finding ways to foster fellowship in the English Congregation
Finding ways to foster collaboration and unity between the English Congregation as well as the Mandarin Congregation
Facilitating communication between the English and Mandarin Congregations
Caring for individuals with needs in the church


Leadership and Vision

Collaborating with the English Ministry Team to develop an identity and purpose for the English Congregation
Working with the Senior Pastor to develop a collaborative mission for the church
Attending Board of Deacon meetings
Attending Advisory Committee meetings


Event Planning

Coordinating summer missions opportunities that may arise
Working with the Mandarin Congregation to plan for retreats
Working with church leaders to organize church wide events, such as the combined English and Mandarin speaking services


Personal Growth

Praying and meditating in God’s Word
Building relationships and finding support within the church
Seeking opportunities and resources outside of the church for growth (with financial support from the church)


The Compensation

Salary plus retirement, medical and life insurance.





Chinese Christian Mandarin Church
Burr Ridge, IL
Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527


Jason Lancaster
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Burr Ridge, IL
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Full Time
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