Youth Pastor at Chinese Christian Church of Greater Washington
Silver Spring, Maryland

Youth Minister/Pastor Position

Christian Chinese Church of Greater Washington


Job Description


Teaching and Training Responsibilities

Develop curriculum, teach, and run the Friday Night Youth Bible Study program.
Implement Sunday School program by picking curriculum, recruiting and training teachers,
Preach once every two months in the main English Ministry worship service.
Develop and run a discipleship/leadership training strategy for the youth.
Train and care for volunteers and staff.


Pastoral Responsibilities

Establish relationships by spending time with students outside of the church context (e.g. visiting homes, watching sports activities, graduations, etc.).
Provide counseling to students who are in need.
Build relationships with the parents so that they are informed of the youth ministry.
Implement a system for integrating newcomers into the youth ministry.


Outreach Responsibilities

Encouraging students to engage in outreach, both charity, service, and evangelistic.
Train and lead (or help lead) a youth missions team in the summer.
Prepare students for Lifeway’s M-Fuge gathering, which provides students to serve in a neighborhood of Philadelphia.


Ministry Activities Responsibilities

Help plan and run the youth portion in the overall church summer retreat.
Develop and implement fellowship gatherings throughout the year to build stronger bonds between the youth.


Inter-Departmental Responsibilities

Offer assistance as needed in the smooth running of the English Ministry worship service, of which the youth participate in.
Attend Official Board meetings once a month to provide a report of the youth ministry.






Have accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior/Lord, and have maintained a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Must have a heart for youth ministry.
Desire to attend or have graduated from an accredited seminary.
Experience in youth ministry of at least two years.
Proficiency with social media and audio/visual technology is a plus.
An extroverted/outgoing personality is preferred.
Full agreement with the church’s doctrinal positions as expressed by our by-laws (see






Resume or CV.
A philosophy of ministry statement for youth.
Two sermons (preferably video).
Three references.



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Chinese Christian Church of Greater Washington
7716 Piney Branch Rd
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910


Chinese Christian Church of Greater Washington
+1 301-587-0033
[email protected]


Silver Spring, Maryland
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Working with Adolescents
Working with Children
Church Ministry