Associate Pastor (Cantonese Speaking) at Chinese Baptist Church
Seattle, WA

Associate Pastor, Chinese (Cantonese Speaking)

Chinese Baptist Church Seattle, WA

To make disciples of Jesus Christ who impact lives everywhere
Seattle Chinese Baptist Church (CBC) celebrates the 120th Anniversary in 2016. Our Church has come to the crossroad: while counting all of God’s blessings leading us to where we are today, we are equipping for the future. We believe that the best from God has yet to come.


CBC is reviving itself to be an expression of God’s kingdom, a multi-cultural, multi- generational family of believers. We envision a church with at least three congregations, English, Cantonese and Mandarin. We dream of creating ripple effects that extend into the everyday life of our members as they engage in one of the six missional domains – neighborhoods, schools, international students, marketplace and businesses, and homes. CBC will be known as a church that launches members as everyday missionaries. CBC makes disciples through our “Big Church” and “Small Church.” The “Big Church” represents the corporate gathering of the entire church and the “Small Church” represents our small groups. Both “Big Church” and “Small Church” labors to make disciples by helping people to STAND (Serve, Train, Adore, Neighbor, Disciple).


We shall make disciples of Jesus Christ who would impact lives everywhere. We are seeking a Chinese (Cantonese) speaking Associate Pastor to lead the Chinese (Cantonese) congregation, to multiply disciples for God’s kingdom through our “Big

Church” and “Small Church”. The Pastor is to build and grow the Chinese (Cantonese) ministry according to the vision, mission and values of CBC.


Please contact us if…
You are an ordained Pastor.


You trust and believe Chinese Baptist Church’s Statement of Faith.


You know how to communicate God’s words.

“Down to earth” is the keyword. Understand God’s words and be able to guide the congregation to apply those words in all aspects of their everyday lives: families, schools, workplaces, respond to social issues, etc.


You practice and make disciples.
We desire a pastor who knows how to make new disciples and mature already disciples. Vocation is not just limited to calling people to turn to Jesus, but also leading and coaching them to become disciples. Strong conviction for discipleship and have achieved it both formally and informally, transforming believers into disciples.


You are both a shepherd and a servant.
Be a spiritual guidance to the congregation. Have a humble heart and lead by example in personal, family and ministry life.


You have a strategic mindset.
Responsible for strategic planning and staff coordination in the execution of CBC’s mission. Monitor the spiritual pulse of the congregation and ensure staffing, facilities and programs etc., are effectively aligned with strategic goals.


You motivate and encourage others.
Able to delegate responsibilities to others and provide supervision. Sensitive to others’ gifts and encourage them to step out from their comfort zones. Look for the best but allow rooms for mistakes. Mentor staff and lay leaders in their respective areas of ministry.


You speak Cantonese, English and Mandarin.
Not only is a must to be fluent in speaking Cantonese and writing Chinese, but also be able to use conversational English to work together with staff and members from the English congregation. With our recently established Mandarin speaking fellowship, it is essential to support the fellowship until a mandarin speaking pastor is among us.


You have formal theology/divinity training.
Graduated with a degree in Divinity or equivalent, from a recognized accredited seminary.


You have served at a Chinese Church in North America.
A minimum of 3 or more years of pastoral experience ministering mid-size churches, preferably in North America. Understand both Chinese and Western culture. Sensitive to ministry in a multi-generational and multicultural environment.


Teamwork is your style.
A team player who listens well yet expresses your thoughts. An accountable person to other team members, respect and submit to them.


You understand different life stages.
Understand the challenges of being a Christian in North America and be able to minister families with different social backgrounds at various stages of life.


You are not afraid of conflict.
Confident to handle disagreements and inadvertent comments. Resolve conflicts with well communication skills and even turn conflicts into positive outcomes if possible.


You have a sense of humor 🙂
Shepherding is a heavy duty and demanding mission. Being passionate can drive you forward, but there are definitely moments of failure. The sense of humor would help yourself to overcome the down moments, to sail longer and further.


DUTIES & ACCOUNTABILITY (if we have to put those into bullet points):
Report to the Senior Pastor and work closely with the pastoral team and lay leaders. Together with the Senior Pastor and the deacons, determine the mission, ministry and policies for the congregation.
Accountable with fellow staff members as a team and the congregation as a family for the total ministry of the local church life and the mission to the community and the world.
Accountable with Vision Discernment and Mission Implementation. Work with stakeholders to set up strategies and provide direction for various groups to carry out CBC’s mission.
Teach God’s words through, but not limited to, pulpit preaching in the Worship Services, Sunday School classes, fellowship groups and other occasions.
Work with the pastoral staff and lay leaders in recruiting individuals with different spiritual gifts and talents to serve various ministries. Provide training to individuals and guide them to become CBC’s future leaders.
Provide counseling and visitation to church members as needs arise.
Requirement of Ministry of EMP (Early Morning Prayer) M-F 6-8am
Competitive retirement and health benefit
Social security tax reimbursement
Annual paid vacation and holiday leaves
And much more… ...
“The fields are ripe for harvest.” If you are excited and called by God to join us to make disciples in the fields, please contact us at


Chinese Baptist Church
5801 Beacon Ave S.
Seattle, Washington 98108


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Seattle, WA
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