Mandarin Pastor at Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County
Irvine, California

The Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County is a multi-language (Mandarin, Cantonese, and English & Youth) family oriented church located in Irvine, CA. To see how God has been working in our church, please visit As God is blessing us with dynamic growth, we are currently seeking a Mandarin Ministry Pastor (reporting to the Senior Pastor) to provide leadership and shepherding to our Mandarin speaking congregation. If you sense God’s calling to serve Him in this capacity, please submit your resume and testimony in both English and Chinese to [email protected].

Ministry Focus

The Mandarin Ministry Pastor will provide pastoral leadership to develop and shepherd a comprehensive ministry for our Mandarin-speaking congregation that will train up disciples of Christ, integrate all the ministry programs into the overall Church body.


A. Shall be a Biblically based, spirit-filled Christian, ascribing to the vision and values of the Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County. The theological position is consistent with the doctrinal statement of CBCCOC and “The Baptist Faith and Message” of the Southern Baptist Convention.

B. Shall have a clear calling from God with a pastoral heart, leadership gift, and a teamwork spirit.

C. Shall have completed seminary training with a Master of Divinity Degree (M. Div.) at an accredited seminary.

D. Shall have at least three years of experience working full-time in a ministerial role at a church in North America.E. Shall maintain healthy family relationships. If married, spouse and/or children are supportive of the pastor’s ministry.

F. Shall be able to work within a multi-language, multi-cultural, and multi- congregational environment. Experience with and understanding of Chinese culture is required. Is able to give counsel or to direct to others more qualified to provide counsel.

G. Must be proficient in Mandarin, both written and oral, and able to communicate in English.

H. Must possess good interpersonal and communication skills.

I. Must be legally able to work and reside in the USA.

Principal Duties

Nurture the Mandarin Adults (18 years and older) through regular preaching and teaching God’s word. Directly administer or by delegated oversight, equip and assist Mandarin Ministry volunteers in developing, planning, conducting, organizing, evolving, and evaluating the following areas of ministries at CBCCOC including (but not limited to):

Adult Worship (Preaching)

Adult Sunday School (Teaching)

Adult Tuesday Bible Study (Teaching)

Adult Fellowships and Cell Groups

Discipleship Training

Caring and Visitation

Outreach and Evangelism


Pastoral Responsibilities

1. Assist brothers and sisters to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, leading to spiritual maturity (Ephesians 4:11-13).

2. Teach the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27) so that our people will develop a solid Biblical foundation and worldview, with the goal of firmly grounding them in the truth so that they will live to glorify the Lord. (1 Corinthians 10:31)3. Develop a strategy to assist our people in living their lives aligned with the four steps of our CBCCOC Discipleship Process, i.e. Connect/Grow/Serve/ Go.

4. Assist our people to discover their gifting and place within the Church and give opportunities for them to practice and begin to discover their calling to serve within the larger church body.

5. Be a visible support to our people whenever possible and also to support them in prayer.

6. Form lasting appropriate relationships with brothers and sisters.

7. Work closely with and care for the Core Team members so that their joy of serving would increase.

8. Visit with families and friends from the Mandarin Congregation, especially in times of crisis, evangelistic opportunities, or to follow up with new visitors. Provide pastoral care to designated individuals and families (Deacon Family and Pastoral Caring List).

9. Provide pastor-related services such as baptisms, officiating weddings, and funerals, etc.

10. Support the Great Commission by participating in an optional two-week short-term mission trip on a yearly basis.

Administrative Responsibilities

1. Ministry Vision/Strategy

Develop and implement ministry vision and strategy. Work with the Senior Pastor to set vision and goals for the Mandarin Ministry, which would be in alignment with the church’s vision, values, and goals.

2. Curriculum

Work with Sunday School Director and Fellowship Leaders to obtain, develop, or review all curricula used in Mandarin Ministry, particularly in the areas of Bible teaching, worship, discipleship, service, fellowship, and personal evangelism.

3. Staff and Ministry RelationshipThe Mandarin Ministry Pastor is responsible to the Senior Pastor, who will supervise, evaluate, and provide a report of evaluation to the Personnel Committee and the Deacon Body. The Mandarin Ministry Pastor will supervise staff members assigned by the Senior Pastor. He will work closely with the Mandarin Minister, Mandarin Ministry leadership and coworkers in coordination and execution of all Mandarin Ministry functions and activities. He will also work closely with the entire pastoral staff to align the Mandarin Ministry with all the other ministries of the Church, and, in all Church matters, to represent the interests of the Mandarin-speaking brothers and sisters.

4. Meetings

Represent Mandarin Ministry at weekly pastoral staff meetings, weekly prayer meetings, monthly business meetings, Church Council, Church Board, and Fellowship Leaders meetings. Meet with the Senior Pastor weekly to consult, inform and discuss any ministry-related issues.

5. Budget

Participate in the church’s budget planning process and coordinate with the Mandarin Core Team to prepare and manage the Mandarin Ministry budget for current and upcoming years (the budget includes expenses for the Mandarin Ministry programs).

6. Office Hours

Devote a minimum of 16 hours in the church office.

7. Personal Growth

Continue to grow and develop with a teachable spirit through attending conferences, seminars, classes, or through personal study. Keep abreast of ministry trends and resources in order to serve as an advisor to the Mandarin Congregation.


Chinese Baptist Church of Central Orange County
12012 Yale Court
Irvine, California 92620


Chair, Mandarin Pastor Search Committee
[email protected]


Irvine, California
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Full Time
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