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Our mission is transforming college students to transform the world. We call college students to serve Jesus Christ with their entire lives by:
1. Sharing the Gospel with students and developing passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.
2. Serving together with the church and inviting students into the lives of local congregations.
3. Giving students a vision for serving Jesus Christ in their studies, jobs, communities, and families.


Our vision is to see a generation of college students transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and His Gospel, in partnership with the local church, reaching the world for the glory of God.


1. All things belong to God.
2. Jesus changes people’s lives.
3. We love college students.
4. We embrace God’s multiethnic kingdom.
5. Faithfulness is pursued together.
6. We celebrate life.


At the core of CCO ministry is the understanding that God works through the Church to fulfill His purposes in the world. This means the local church is the proper context for gathering, equipping, and sending students into a life-long Kingdom mission. Our Partnership model ensures the CCO and local church gather around a shared vision, design a ministry strategy, and choose a Campus Ministry Staff person together who will help mobilize the church to reach students and develop them as future Christian leaders.


The Partnership Coordinator serves to advance the mission and partnership model of the CCO by cultivating a diverse network of potential church partners moving them from interest, through discernment, to partnership commitment. This position contributes directly to CCO’s national growth by strategically developing new contexts for campus ministry in partnership with the church, expanding CCO ministry in new geographic regions as well as a growing number of


Advance CCO’s Ministry Presence Nationally
? Cultivate a growing number of potential church partner contacts through point of entry events, denominational gatherings, pursuing new leads and referrals.
o Annual goals are determined by the partnership team with the Director of Church Partnerships.
o Goals for pursuing diversity within partnership networks is a priority.
? In collaboration with CCO Advancement, cultivate support for the growth and sustainability of CCO ministry in new regions within current partners and with potential church partners and donors.
? Maintain accurate and updated contact data and follow up communication with potential partner contacts in CCO CRM database.

Church Partnership Development
? Move potential partners from interest to official partnerships that become a new CCO Ministry Context.
? Follow up with potential partner contacts walking them through the partnership discernment steps as outlined in the Church Partner Playbook.
o Lead church leaders (pastors and church boards) through prayer, discernment and decision making processes.
? Maintain an accurate record of progress of each potential partner in CCO CRM database.
o Contribute to the partnership team in collecting and reporting accurate data on progress toward growth
? Collaborate with CCO Talent Acquisition & Mobilization department to transfer the relationship of the developed partnership to the Hiring Manager/Area Leadership.

Other Projects & Duties Assigned
? Work with the Partnership Team to:
o Annually update the Church Partner Playbook annually.
o Communicate regularly with church partners.
o Plan and design national and regional events for partners including Jubilee Partner.
? Collaborate with Area Leaders and Ministry Supervisors to ensure partnership health and sustainability as needed.
? Pray regularly and frequently for the ministry of the CCO.
? Exceed 100% of support raising ministry goals.
? Complete other duties and projects as assigned.


? Bachelor's degree required.

? 3 - 5 years of ministry experience.

Skill Set
? Ability to initiate relationships with new people and cultivate relationships with diverse churches.
? Communication skills to cast vision and invite others to clearly participate in that vision.
? Administrative skills to maintain accurate records.
? Group facilitation skills to lead groups and leaders through decision making processes.
? Collaborates with teams.
? Manages competing priorities and tasks in a timely manner.
? Displays initiative and can work independently.
? Ability to engage a wide range of audiences.

Spiritual Health
? Baptized believer cultivating growth through regular worship in a local church, prayer, Scripture study, and other spiritual disciplines.

Personal Conduct
? Displays personal conduct consistent with CCO Statement of Faith, Core Values and the CCO employee handbook.

Professional Growth
? Plan and pursue professional development opportunities approved by the Director of Church Partnerships.

Work Value
? Demonstrates a passion for the Gospel, the church, and college students.
? Proactive in preparation and timely in response.
? Encourages the growth and development of others.
? Values excellence.

Other Requirements
? Ability to travel at various times for work-related travel.
? Valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation for travel.


5912 Penn Avenue
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Anika Cordle


Pittsburgh, PA 15206
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Full Time
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Competitive nonprofit wages and benefits
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