Campus Ministry Staff at CCO
Jackson, MS 39211

In partnership with Covenant Presbyterian Church, this position reaches out to serve students at Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi.



Our mission is transforming college students to transform the world. We call college students to serve Jesus Christ with  their entire lives by:

1. Sharing the Gospel with students and developing passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.

2. Serving together with the church and inviting students into the lives of local congregations.

3. Giving students a vision for serving Jesus Christ in their studies, jobs, communities, and families.



Our vision is to see a generation of college students transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and His Gospel, in  partnership with the local church, reaching the world for the glory of God.



1. All things belong to God.

2. Jesus changes people’s lives.

3. We love college students.

4. We embrace God’s multiethnic kingdom.

5. Faithfulness is pursued together.

6. We celebrate life.



At the core of CCO ministry is the understanding that God works through the Church to fulfill His purposes in the  world. This means the local church is the proper context for gathering, equipping, and sending students into a life long Kingdom mission. Our Partnership model ensures the CCO and local church gather around a shared vision,

design a ministry strategy, and choose a Campus Ministry Staff person together who will help mobilize the church  to reach students and develop them as future Christian leaders.



Catalyze Kingdom transformation at Belhaven University by sharing the Gospel, inviting students into the life of  the local church, and mobilizing the Christian community and churches to engage ministry on campus. Develop  deep collaboration between church/community members and students that promotes strong biblical discipleship,  life long commitment to the Church, and the flourishing of Christ’s kingdom in their local context and all areas of life.



Campus Engagement

  • Create and continually revise a plan for ministry according to the CCO’s Annual Ministry Plan and Campus  Ministry Playbook.
  • Ensure a consistent and visible presence of Covenant Presbyterian Church on campus and in meeting with  students through regular participation in Belhaven’s activities.
  • Collect and maintain student contact information and follow up and invite students to ministry  opportunities.
  • Plan and facilitate gatherings of students on campus throughout the week that include prayer, teaching,  evangelism, leadership development, and applying Scriptures to life in college and beyond.
  • Invite students regularly to the weekly gathering of the church, recruit students to attend CCO’s jubilee  conference and other transformative opportunities.
  • Establish a healthy relationship with the university that honors the guidelines of the university for outside  organizations and contributes toward sustainable campus access for the CCO at Belhaven.


Church Integration

  • Effectively and consistently communicate the vision and progress of college ministry within the church.
  • Connect students into discipleship opportunities and relationships within the church body.
  • Invite and equip congregants to provide hospitality, mentorship, and discipleship of college students with the  aim of sending them out as leaders to their spheres of influence.
  • Contribute to the overarching goals and efforts of the entire church by being an active part of the staff team  and maintaining a servant-leadership mentality in all aspects of ministry.
  • Establish and maintain periodic contact with church members who are students at other colleges both inside  and outside the Jackson area to encourage participation in church and student ministry activities wherever  they may be located.


Leadership Development

  • Develop and mobilize student leaders to co-labor in the on campus fellowship, evangelism, and Bible studies.
  • Disciple and mobilize leaders among students at Belhaven and Covenant Presbyterian Church to faithfully  live out their faith in service and evangelism.


Ministry Context & Partnership

  • Attend regular Covenant Presbyterian staff meetings.
  • Work closely with the Pastors, CCO Supervisor, and the Adult Discipleship Committee to develop strategic goals for college ministry.
  • Work closely with the Pastors and CCO Supervisor to monitor and evaluate continuing program goals for the  college ministry and recommend adjustments, where appropriate.
  • Work with Covenant’s Adult Discipleship Committee to assist in the development of complementary young  adult ministry outreach and discipleship programs.
  • Meet regularly with College Ministry Support Team to develop and implement plans and processes for the ministry.


Other Projects & Duties Assigned

  • Participate in all required CCO Training.
  • Report ministry outcomes through CCO Mid-Year Reflection and Annual Campus Stats documents.
  • Pray regularly and frequently for the ministry of the CCO.
  • Exceed 100% of support raising ministry goals.
  • Complete other duties and projects as assigned.




  • Bachelor's Degree Required.



  • Experience in College Ministry.


Skill Set

  • Ability to motivate and inspire others.
  • Approachable and relational.
  • Delegates effectively.
  • Possesses excellent organizational and communication skills, written and oral.
  • Collaborates with teams.
  • Manages competing priorities and tasks in a timely manner.
  • Displays initiative and can work independently.
  • Ability to engage a wide range of audiences.


Spiritual Health

  • Candidate must possess a strong faith in Jesus Christ and a desire to nurture this faith in others,  especially college students.
  • Nurture growth through regular worship in a local church, prayer, Scripture study, and other spiritual disciplines.


Personal Conduct

  • Displays personal conduct consistent with CCO Statement of Faith, Core Values and the CCO employee  handbook.


Professional Growth

  • Plan and pursue professional development opportunities approved by department lead.


Work Value

  • Maturity to be a pastoral presence in the lives of college students.
  • Demonstrates a passion for the Gospel, the church, and college students.
  • Proactive in preparation and timely in response.
  • Encourages the growth and development of others.
  • Values excellence.


Other Requirements

  • Affirm without reservations the EPC’s Essentials of Faith.
  • Valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation for travel.


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5912 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206


Anika Cordle
(412) 363-3303


Jackson, MS 39211
Job type
Full Time
40 +
Pay rate
To be determined.
Ordained position
Exempt status