Pastoral Resident at Calvin Presbyterian Church
Corvallis, Oregon

(Excerpt from posted position)

We are Calvin Presbyterian Church- an EPC congregation in Corvallis, Oregon. We are looking for a second member of our pastoral staff- one who brings relatively little experience to their ministry calling, but is eager to learn by doing in the areas of preaching, leadership, pastoral care, and church based mission. We intend for this to be an on the job training role akin to medical residency. We hope to partner for 3-5 years before sending you out, better equipped, for your long-term purpose in church planting, church revitalization, foreign missions, or elsewhere.

The premise of this position is that ministry is a craft, best learned through practice and mentorship. You will be provided with an opportunity to grow rapidly in ministry. Calvin is a congregation with a long history of care for pastors. We are an excellent place for you to hone your craft as a pastor- a place to develop essential skills and gain experience knowing that freedom to lead will be given and that mistakes will be lovingly corrected, but will not cost you further opportunities to learn. You will work closely with our lead pastor, who will serve both as a mentor and as a partner in the Gospel. Our goal for you is to help you grow as a child of God and as a pastor and then launch you out, supporting you in your further kingdom endeavors.

“My residency with Calvin was irreplaceable in my growth as a pastor. It gave me the opportunity to grow and experiment with different roles in ministry, adding much-needed practical experience to my education. Likewise, I can think of no better church than Calvin for an experience like this. The people are warm and welcoming, and when we left, it was like leaving behind our family. I cannot recommend this residency highly enough!”

-Andrew Van Arsdel, Pastoral Resident 2017-2020


Calvin Presbyterian Church
1736 NW. Dixon St.
Corvallis, OR, Oregon 97330


Skip Rung


Corvallis, Oregon
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