Pastor/Director of Next Gen Ministries at Calvary Lutheran Church
Alexandria, Minnesota

Calvary Lutheran Church is seeking to call a Pastor/Director of Next Gen Ministries who will possess the experience, gifts and motivation to help lead the ministries with children, youth and families toward the desired future. Calvary is looking for a dynamic, innovative leader who loves God and possesses a combination of organizational and pastoral leadership skills.
The Pastor/Director of Next Gen Ministries will embrace the vision for Calvary’s future and imaginatively integrate this vision into the Next Gen Ministries. The ideal individual will be real, authentic and comfortable in their own skin who loves and extends themselves into the lives of others. Because tending to one another is woven into the fabric and ethos at Calvary, the ideal person will be one who loves the staff, congregation, kids and parents as well as the community beyond Calvary. They will lead through relationships where people always come first and will love spending time with them. They will engage all with whom they come in contact relationally not only providing direction and oversight but personal care. The Director of Next Gen Ministries will be intentional about building personal connections with young people and their parents formally and informally. They will also extend themselves into the broader community creating connections with and building bridges for expanded impact in the lives of children and youth.

The Director of Next Gen Ministries will lead the ministries of Calvary by engaging in broad oversight of the programmatic and age focused areas and the associated staff so that all ministries move forward in alignment with the vision. They will advance a staff culture where ‘doing the right thing’ is more important than doing things right. They will motivate, empower and catalyze the staff and volunteers, leveraging their gifts and resourcing them to attain the vision and objectives, raising ministries to the next level.

The ideal candidate for the Next Gen Ministry position will be able to think big and breathe life into the existing ministries. They will be gifted, skilled and motivated to champion all age groups while partnering with parents to expand a loving network of caring adults who are committed to helping young people grow in faith. They will need to be able to align staff and lay leaders to the vision and help them to work together while serving, supporting and equipping those in leadership of the various ministries and programs. The ideal Next Gen Minister will continually assess and gauge effectiveness of ministries, not being afraid to adapt and innovate with imagination as needed.


  • B.A. Degree or higher, preferably in Youth or Child Ministries or Theology
  • Theological alignment as expressed in and through Calvary Lutheran
  • 3 – 5 years of leadership experience with youth, children and families in a medium to large context, including staff and volunteer oversight
  • Demonstrated excellence in public and interpersonal communication



Calvary Lutheran Church
605 Douglas Street
Alexandria, Minnesota 56308


Rick Heltne


Alexandria, Minnesota
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Next Gen Ministry
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