Assoc. Pastor of Youth and Worship at Calvary Baptist Church

Job Description: Associate Pastor of Youth & Worship

Classification: Full-Time

Job Description, Responsibilities, and Additional Duty*:

Job Overview

This position is for a combined Youth and Worship Pastor, with an additional duty of Social Media Manager. As Youth Pastor, this role will oversee the development and implementation of all activity and education processes within the Youth Ministry (YM) at Calvary Baptist Church (CBC), for youth 6th through 12th grades. As Worship Pastor, this role will oversee the music and worship ministry of CBC, including Worship Leader for all praise & worship music selections, and Worship Pastor for responsible for the spoken parts of the praise & worship service, such as choosing readings from the Bible or leading the congregation in their praise of God.  With the Additional Duty as Social Media Manager, this role will involve 3-5 hours per week maintaining and growing CBC ministry social presence and networks. The Social Media Manager will curate content to gain new followers, engage existing followers, create, and maintain new social platforms, with the intent of creating a unique and ownable social footprint.


Job Description

Responsibilities as Youth Pastor

Aid the Pastoral Staff and Deacon Board in CBC mission, vision, strategy, and implementation
Take the lead in planning, leading, conduct, and providing oversight to Youth services, activities, outreach, and education in all YM spiritual growth processes from 6th – 12th grade at CBC
Recruit, develop, and train all volunteers, adult, and student leaders into various YM ministry roles, managing volunteer schedules and rotations
Effectively implements processes necessary for effective YM, to include check-in, follow-up, and outreach procedures
Provide pastoral care, counseling, and visitation for students
Demonstrates an infectious passion for youth ministry and worship seeing parents, youth, and congregants grow in the faith, praise, and worship, while partnering with God to move people through their respective stages of spiritual growth
Embraces the mission, vision, values, statement of faith, and Bylaws of CBC
Spends responsibly from the annual YM and worship budgets


Responsibilities as Worship Pastor:

Works with the Senior Pastor in planning creative worship services that are inspiring and engaging, encouraging the church body to pour out God’s grace to all so that all who worship may grow in His grace
Leads and coordinates all music for Sunday morning praise & worship services and occasional special services or prayer meetings
Develop and lead a traditional/contemporary mixed praise & worship service (i.e., upbeat hymns and contemporary worship music), to include selecting music, pulling lead sheets for praise & worship team (PWT) members, inputting songs into slide projection program, and filing of music sheets
Responsible for maintaining quality control in all musical/artistic issues relating to the ministry of CBC
Responsible for recruiting/auditioning new musicians and vocalists, creating PWTs, PWT schedules, and leading rehearsals
Ensures that the praise & worship music is current and theologically sound
Provide spiritual oversight and leadership to the praise & worship team members, especially regarding the teaching of Biblical worship principles, and the selection and delivery of biblical reading during worship

Additional Duty Responsibilities as Social Media Manager

Responsible for all tracking and logging necessary for CCLI license requirements.
Create and maintain social media platforms with engaging written and visual content the builds church awareness
Coordinates social media strategies and budget with the Senior Pastor, Deacon Board, and Trustee Board

Education/Qualifications/Experience Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree, preferably Bible College or Seminary
Exhibits spiritual maturity, grounded in God’s Word, that reflects good judgment, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and punctuality in his daily walk
2-3 years of current experience with a healthy mix in YM, leading corporate praise & worship, and social media
Organizational ability to effectively manage, develop, and grow a church student ministry and music ministry.
Skill as an accomplished guitarist and/or pianist, instrumental coordinator, and/or musical arranger.

* This description describes the general content and requirements for the performance of this position. It is not to be an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities, or requirements.


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Calvary Baptist Church



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Full Time
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Ordained position
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Not Exempt
Church Ministry