Associate Pastor: Children’s Ministries at Callahan First Baptist Church
Callahan, FL

Principal Function: The Associate Pastor: Children’s Ministries is responsible to the Pastor for assisting church program organizations to develop a comprehensive program of childhood education (birth through fifth grade). They will consult with other staff members concerning activities, policies and procedures that relate to their areas of responsibility.


Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Associate Pastor: Children’s Ministries are to:


Develop policies for Children & Preschool Ministries, in cooperation with all other staff of the church.
Coordinate the various educational programs for children into an integrated program of Christian education for each age-level. These programs include Bible Fellowship Groups (Sunday School), children's church, missions education, Vacation Bible School (VBS), camps and, Preschool extended care for all services.
Supervise the entire Christian education program for children from birth through grade five.
Establish policies concerning curriculum, in cooperation with staff.
Develop plans for discovering, recruiting, and training all preschool & children's workers. This includes continuing training for experienced workers as well as that for new workers. Ensure all children’s workers are supported, encouraged, and receive regular ministry.
Advise in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies and space by children in all church program organizations.
Give leadership to all outreach and evangelism efforts with children, such as outreach and follow-up of new Christians.
Evaluate the effectiveness of all Preschool & Children's Ministry programs. Suggest needed changes and develop plans for making these changes. Work with program leaders and teachers and appropriate staff members to resolve philosophical, procedural, and scheduling problems in the Children's Division.
Prepare a budget to cover all aspects of the church's ministry to children and preschoolers. Take responsibility for disbursing all funds.
In partnership with the Student Pastor, oversee all aspects of the Upward Basketball and Cheer outreach ministry.
Perform all other duties as assigned.

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Callahan First Baptist Church
45090 Green Ave,
Callahan, Florida 32011


Callahan First Baptist Church
(904) 879-2172



Callahan, FL
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Church Ministry