Worship Pastor at Burkemont Baptist Church
Morganton, North Carolina

Worship Pastor Job Description


Burkemont Baptist Church has one morning worship service at 10:15 am that is blended. We have the Adult Sanctuary choir, Preschool, Children, and hopes of restarting our age graded choirs. We have an orchestra and are accustomed to a blend of music that is theologically sound which honors the Lord. We have a drama ministry which partners with the music ministry and participates in seasonal productions that are often on a large scale. We are searching for a man who has a heart for ministry which goes beyond mere talent.




1.      Must be a Christian and give evidence of a divine call to Christian ministry and of the gifts necessary to lead effectively in a ministry of music/worship.

2.      Have professional training and practical experience sufficient for the minister of music position.

3.      Must be committed to the local church as their primary locale for ministry. Be in attendance (unless providentially hindered) at church events (socials, other ministries which are not under your supervision)

4.      Should set a Christian example in all areas of life, such as language, actions, dress, and integrity.

5.      Must be Southern Baptist and in agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

6.      Must be able to plan, to execute, and to evaluate the total music ministry of the church including audiovisual, sound equipment and the proper operation of that equipment.

7.      Maintain the musical instruments, publications, and equipment used by the music ministry. The minister of music/worship will also field proposals and make recommendations when new musical instruments or sound equipment is needed.

8.      Prepare annually a music ministry budget to submit to the finance committee and administer the budget.

9.      The pastor and his family must be a member of Burkemont Baptist Church and be faithful in attendance at the services. They should be good stewards of their tithe, time, and talent for the glory of God.

10.  Must be familiar with Planning Center, ProPresenter and other worship media software.

11.  Partner with Music Assistant in completing administrative duties and assigned paperwork (CCLI documentation, licensing reports, audits, etc)


Work with the Senior Pastor and staff to:


1.      Plan the worship services of the church.

2.      Coordinate the music/worship ministry with other ministries of the church and have a desire and a willingness to participate in the church-wide ministry efforts that may be outside of his ministry responsibilities.

3.      Coordinate with the pastoral team and staff in setting dates for musical events.

4.      To know that Burkemont believes in allowing the music/worship minister to be led by the Holy Spirit to partner together with other pastors and ministries of like faith to promote the Kingdom of God.

5.      Offer assistance for audio and technical support with ministry and church-wide events.

6.      Be a team player.

7.      Attend weekly staff meetings.

8.      Be involved in organized church outreach.

9.      Attend monthly deacons meetings.

10.  Assign projects to the Music assistant with ample time to complete said projects.


Work with the choir and musicians to:


1.      Be prepared for rehearsals so that the rehearsal time can be as effective as possible. The Worship Pastor is expected to have the rehearsal music organized in an orderly fashion and ready for the choir to sing at the beginning of the rehearsal. The Worship Pastor is responsible for the orderly and effective progression of the rehearsal.

2.      Administer the Praise Team rotation and their rehearsal time at least six weeks in advance

3.      Assure that the musicians (including orchestra) have music at least two weeks in advance of the choir singing it.

4.      Assign orchestra parts to musicians and assign accompanists as required for services and/or special events

5.      Challenge the choir’s abilities through new music and a commitment to the fine details of a piece of music.

6.      To provide spiritual instruction that will help the choir understand their ministry to the church.

7.      Utilize Planning Center for the music ministry to preview music.


Work with the church members to:


1.      Lead the church beyond mere songs and into the worship of God through theologically sound songs.

2.      To create various music groups (trios, ensembles, duets, hand bells, solos, etc.) and schedule special music for worship services (with some of these groups).

3.      Supervise volunteer music help in the area of age graded choirs. It should be noted that the Worship Pastor has the ultimate responsibility of all music programs.

4.      To work with the nominating and personnel committees to secure volunteer or paid music leadership (provided there is a budget line item).

5.      Be willing to be present for funerals if at all possible. Weddings are optional and can be accepted or denied according to the discretion of the Worship Pastor.

6.      Approve all music for funerals and weddings to ensure it honors our Lord Jesus Christ.

7.      Along with the pastoral team the Worship Pastor will have a Duty Day (one weekday) where he is responsible for pastoral care (hospital visits, homebound, nursing home, etc) and one on call weekend per month.

8.      Lead, establish, and partner with the drama coordinator to produce and to implement drama experiences.


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Burkemont Baptist Church
4668 Burkemont Rd
Morganton, North Carolina 28655


Burkemont Baptist Church
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Morganton, North Carolina
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Full Time
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Church Ministry