Bridgetown Church – EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR at Bridgetown Church
Portland, OR 97212


Denomination: Non-Denominational

Weekly Attendance: 1,200  - in person, 500 - online

Location: Portland, Oregon

The Role: Executive Director


Meet Bridgetown Church:

Bridgetown Church is built around the idea of practicing the way of Jesus together in the city of Portland. We believe that to be a disciple (best understood as an apprentice) of Jesus of Nazareth is to order your life around three goals: to be with Jesus, to become like Jesus, and to do what Jesus did. Our dream is that as we live this way, our lives, our communities, and our city will be transformed.

We believe the Church is not another sub-culture, but a counter-culture,  the making of a new humanity. It’s not a building or a weekend activity, but a people in a place. We strive to live out the Gospel committed to our city throughout the week, then gather each weekend as a collection of Communities. We want to partner with God in his relentless pursuit to put the world to rights. Our prayer is, as Jesus prayed, that God’s will would be done in Portland as it is in Heaven.


About the Executive Director:

The Executive Director will oversee, develop and organize the organization arm of the staff and be responsible for developing the structures and strategies the church needs to mature and flourish organizationally, as well as managing and developing a staff that supports healthy, long-term sustainability & growth of the church.


The Executive Director's Responsibilities Include:

Participate with the Executive team in supporting and implementing Bridgetown’s culture and strategic initiatives of the Lead Pastor
Develop and care for organizational staff
Manage and Develop staff so that your job is oversight, not execution
Define, shape, oversee, and steward the budget and resources of the church
Define, shape, oversee, and steward the budget and resources of the church

Manage internal systems for staff health and best practices (i.e. performance management software, strategic planning, and goal setting, job descriptions, interviews and onboarding, accounting, and reimbursements)
Develop and maintain a strong management and leadership development culture within the organizational department
Recruiting, developing, motivating, managing, and retaining talented staff members and lay teams
Develop and deploy best practices for gatherings in a multi-location environment (as it relates to your department)
Support the Sunday Gathering and all church-wide events by presence, culture carrying, and service
Oversee Bridgetown’s HR, communication, operations, and facilities.

Develop and oversee annual financial plan/budget that funds the accomplishment of the strategic plan and meets critical financial objectives as directed by the elders; oversee staff expenses, deposits, fundraising, and spending

Liaise with finance team/bookkeeper to ensure all payments are made, and everything is reported in a timely manner

Continuously monitor financial performance relative to budget and identify where adjustments are necessary to achieve goals
Human Resources:

Create and update the employee manual as needed and carry out church policies
Oversee hiring process of new employees

Overseeing employee onboarding (with support from the Finance Team for payroll and tax set up, etc.) and maintaining HR functions

Work with benefits providers to coordinate all benefits (health, workers’ comp, disability, and other voluntary and mandatory benefits)

Oversee church insurance and liability

Oversee all church-wise communication (Website, Quarterly Reports, Social media, etc)

Ensure that all guests seeking information about the church are responded to promptly

Oversee execution of additional communication when appropriate

Ensure consistency across all communication platforms inside and outside of Sundays

Oversee building use schedule and payments

Oversee schedule for use of the space for all BT events.

What You Bring:

Education & Experience

A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university is required
A Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, or other related fields would be preferred.
10-15 years of experience in leading teams and managing a growing organization
Experience in church/pastoral leadership (staff or lay leadership) is strongly preferred
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Ability to strategize: focus on the few things that deliver maximum impact for the Kingdom

Ability to problem solve: you are not an order-taker but a director and collaborator with the lead pastor

Ability to be a servant leader: Excellent people management skills that multiply the gifts and talents of the staff

Skilled listener: listening to understand, not to respond

Execution mindset: Ability to make a vision into a reality; ideas are a dime a dozen, what matters is the ability to convert an idea into reality
Personal Characteristics & Qualifications





Passionate toward the community

Creative and innovative

Humble leader

What it’s like to live in Portland, Oregon:

Portland, Oregon, is the state’s largest city, located along the Columbia and Willamette rivers.

Portland’s famous for its exciting and diverse nature, housing some of the most iconic parks, outdoor trails, and breathtaking mountaintops. Many are attracted to the city because it is a host of many unique arts, entertainment, and music festivals. This, paired with the ability to drive just an hour west to the ocean and an hour east to the mountains, there is always something to do and places to explore! Overall, Portland is one of the most sought-after cities in the United States and a memorable place to grow and raise a family!



Bridgetown Church
2120 NE Tillamook St
Portland, Oregon 97212


Sarah Knowles


Portland, OR 97212
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