Kids (K-9) & Families Pastor at Bread Church
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Bread Kids - The Ethos:

When Jesus talked about children, it was never in regards to what they should believe or how they should behave. Instead he said they should simply come to him. We want kids to meet him like this each week at bread. He also said adults should follow their example in order to be part of his kingdom. So we think church should be full of freedom and fun and excitement and energy because that is what kids like.

Role Summary:

The Kids + Families Pastor is responsible for all aspects of ensuring bread kids have fun, and grow to know more of how much Jesus loves them. The role includes but is not limited to curriculum development (or selection), volunteer recruitment and development, classroom leadership/management, and operational and ethical management necessary to ensure successful and safe classrooms and special events. The person who would be most suited for this role will have a holistic vision for family ministry, but also understand that we are a plant, with a growing kids church department.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • Set and promote the vision for kids church in accordance with the values of bread.
  • Create a welcoming, dynamic, and exciting classroom/learning environment and curriculum.
  • Provide classroom leadership, oversight and management
  • Develop, coordinate and manage operational and ethical systems (Ensuring safety as a priority)
  • Provide pastoral care to bread families.
  • Oversee set-up and tear-down of the classrooms each week.


  • Oversee, recruit, train, supervise and pastor all kids volunteers.
  • Create and communicate the weekly volunteer schedules for the classrooms.
  • Process and follow through on background checks for all bread kids volunteers.

General Pastoral Expectations:

  • General theological alignment with bread’s vision (by which we mean, you teach grace, that everything in our faith is about who Jesus is, and what he has done, and that you believe in the present-day power and presence of the holy spirit).
  • Respond to all staff/volunteer concerns in a timely manner.
  • Attend weekly bread staff meeting on Tuesday mornings.
  • Attend other pastoral and staff events.

Minimum Job Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Experience with wrangling children of a variety of ages, particularly K-9, with a smile and a calm demeanor.
  • Experience successfully leading, recruiting and developing a team of volunteers.
  • Enthusiasm and passion to help kids know and love Jesus.
  • Formal kids work training/education a bonus but not essential.
  • Some integrated and applied knowledge of race, diversity and equity a bonus.
  • A Full Clear Background Check enabling work with children.


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