Director Of Operations at Bread Church
2930 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90027

Role Summary:
The Director of Operations has responsibility for all behind the scenes administration. The job is designed to ensure all the operations of the church run smoothly and effectively. This is a role requiring excellent organizational, time-management, communication and administrative skills. The scope is broad and includes overseeing Finances, Human Resources, Operations, Office Management, Courses Administration, Special Events, and Managing Volunteer Teams.

Finance and Operations:
• Manage all day to day financial operations and transactions (e.g., bill pay, staff expenses, payroll, tithe and giving receipts, contracts)
• Prepare all necessary financial documents and reports (e.g, financial forecasting, budgets vs actual)
• Create and manage all finance processes and procedures (e.g, staff training, expense approval, budgeting)
• Lead and support annual budget and ministry planning process with the Board team and communications to staff
• Manager relationship with bookkeepers and CPA (e.g, coding transactions, end of month and end of year reports)
• Prepare quarterly and annual financial updates for church leaders & Board
• Manage Benevolence Fund requests, work with subcommittee to distribute funds, tax forms and maintain detailed records of each recipient

Human Resources:
• Manage employee relations, payroll, benefits and training
• Plan, direct and coordinate all church administrative functions
• Maintain current Employee Handbook
• Manage all payroll related activities with Gusto
• Manage all Employee Benefits
• Oversee all annual IRS, EDD and Insurance reporting
• Maintain employee records, Independent Contractor paperwork and EDD laws and postings
• Maintain all insurance – employee benefits, worker’s compensation and liability insurance for facilities and events
• Onboard all new employees and contractors
• Run scans and file all necessary background checks for staff
and volunteers
• Process TOA requests for employees
• Manage Time-off Calendar
• Process bi-monthly payroll
• Manage holiday/vacation calendar for all staff
• Maintain church directory
• Liaison between church leaders and support staff, such as security, A/V engineering and production & volunteers

Office Management:
• Manage all clerical, stationary, food and drink supplies
• Ensure office is maintained clean and tidy and well ordered
• Order furniture, decor, plants as needed
• Manage contractors (eg cleaning and handyman, etc)
• Maintain staff and event calendars

Staff Management:
• Create and manage weekly agenda & minutes, maintain and
update shared staff files
• Follow-up all actioned items for staff members to ensure tasks are completed
• Provide additional clerical support for Church Leaders when required

Sunday Services:
• Oversee and manage all volunteer teams
• Act as Sunday Services point-person to ensure smooth running of all services
• Collect weekly donations/tithes at Sunday services & deposit monthly

Courses and Special Events:
• Manage course administration (sign-ups, payments, refreshments, etc)
• Organize all purchases for courses and special events
• Plan, direct and coordinate all special events (including Weekends away, Christmas, Easter and special services, Alpha days, Staff retreats, etc)
• Manage and host guest speakers in conjunction with Church

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2930 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90027
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