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Bread Worship - The Ethos:

Worship is at the core of the life of bread. We believe it is integral to all we do. We try to avoid all pretense and performance when it comes to worship, believing that Jesus is looking for worshippers who worship in Spirit and in Truth. So worship is about the Spirit: both following the direction of the Holy Spirit, and coming from the heart as our spirits connect to His Spirit; and it is about the Truth: centered on the truth of Jesus, and an honest and authentic expression of ourselves as we really are.

Role Summary:

The Worship Pastor has oversight of all the worship life of the church. Working alongside the Musical Director, the Worship Pastor will regularly lead worship at our Sunday Gatherings as well as other events during the week. We would like to expand the role in the future to include pastoring the worship team, training and raising up new worship leaders and musicians, starting new worship initiatives and teaching on worship.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead worship regularly at Sunday Gatherings.
  • Work alongside the Musical Director to ensure music at bread is as good as it can be.
  • Lead at other mid-week meetings when time permits.
  • Communicate and embody the Worship Values of bread.
  • Regularly update the song list in collaboration with the lead pastors and with particular concern for diversity and style.
  • Manage the worship volunteers and rotations alongside the Central Administrator and Musical Director.
  • Organize worship socials for worship team.

As the role expands in the future:?

  • Identify, recruit and develop new worship leaders.
  • Identity, recruit and develop new worship team members.
  • Teach on worship in gatherings when required.
  • Write and record new songs in collaboration with other members of bread worship team.

General Pastoral Expectations:

  • General theological alignment with bread’s vision (by which we mean, you teach and embody grace; that everything in our faith is about who Jesus is, and what he has done; and that you believe in the present-day power and presence of the holy spirit)
  • Respond to all staff/volunteer concerns in a timely manner
  • Attend weekly bread staff meeting on Tuesday mornings
  • Attend other pastoral and staff events.

Minimum Job Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Experience with leading worship in smaller and larger settings.
  • Experience successfully leading, recruiting and developing a team of volunteers.
  • Excellent singing voice.
  • Singing training a bonus.
  • Guitar and/or Piano ability a bonus.

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Bread Church
1711 N Van Ness Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90028
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