Senior Minister at Bowling Green Independent Christian Church
Bowling Green, KY 42104

BGCC is praying for their next Senior Minister. They are looking for someone with humble character to be
a part of their leadership team. They want someone who will become a part of the BGCC family and love
the congregation well. They want someone who takes their own spiritual needs seriously and cares for
their soul through prayer and time in God’s Word. These characteristics will enable them to succeed as
Lead with vision
Collaborate with the staff and elders to prayerfully form a vision plan for the church
Call the church and its leadership to step forward in faithful pursuit of that vision
Courageously try new ways of ministry - celebrating success and learning from failure
Coordinate regular staff meetings and attend elders’ meetings
Shepherd the staff
Micromanagers need not apply! The staff is a highly motivated team who needs someone to help
them identify their best ideas and focus their energy on their best projects.
Check in on their well-being and provide regular conversational feedback
Set annual goals with staff members and conduct formal annual performance reviews
Preach with conviction and clarity
Organize a preaching calendar in advance for collaboration with the staff and worship team
Alternate between topical and exegetical series
Preach at least 40 weeks a year with sermons prepared that have the de-churched in mind
Identify and resource other voices to preach including female voices
Speak authentically and concisely with a normal unpolished teaching voice. Preaching like a
standard “preacher” will not fit at BGCC!
Secondary Responsibilities
The Senior Minister will be asked to take on one or more of these roles based on their giftedness. The
other roles will be absorbed by existing staff members.
Provide pastoral care
Along with other staff ministers the Senior Minister will lead in providing pastoral care
Maintain a list of resources to share with congregants as they face crises
Direct adult discipleship ministries
Organize community group launches twice a year and regularly encourage group leaders
Develop in collaboration with the staff & elders a leadership development system
Manage the day-to-day business of the church
In collaboration with the church administrator approve needed work and contracts
In collaboration with the chairman of the elders respond to unexpected expenses and projects

Strong Candidates will...
Have a good sense of humor and not take themselves too seriously
Have at least 5 years ministry experience in a church of similar size
Have a M. Div. degree from an ATS accredited institution
Be familiar and aligned theologically with the Restoration Movement
Be comfortable allowing others to lead and succeed


Bowling Green Independent Christian Church
BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky 42104


Bowling Green Independent Christian
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Bowling Green, KY 42104
Job type
Full Time
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Church Ministry