Worship Director/Pastor at Blue Oaks Church
Pleasanton, CA

Job Description:
Overview of Blue Oaks

Blue Oaks Church was planted in 2012 with a mission to lead everyone into Christ-centered living. Our vision is to be the light in our local community for the glory of God. That vision includes a new 22,000-square-foot home and a significant investment to solve the problem of homelessness, help families foster kids, serve those with special needs and serve local seniors. God has blessed Blue Oaks with a new permanent home that is planned to open on Easter Sunday, 2023.

Like most churches, we are still adjusting to the new normal of this post-COVID world. Early in the pandemic, we moved to a highly produced online experience. We have continued providing that service rather than a simulcast of the live worship. We plan to continue that strategy even after we open the new building.

Weekend gatherings feature dynamic worship and solid Bible teaching. There are services for kids from birth through 8th grade. Blue Oaks adopted a "Sticky Faith" model for high school students attending the main worship service.

Blue Oaks values can be found here.


Blue Oaks is co-led by a teaching pastor, Matt VanCleave, and an executive pastor, Joe Hartley. While Matt serves as the Teaching Pastor overseeing details concerning the weekend experience, Joe is the Executive Pastor leading the day-to-day operations and ministry staff.

They both report to an elder board (which can be found here). Blue Oaks is a staff-empowered and elder-overseen church. They are a non-denominational church with an effective Elder Board to provide accountability and spiritual direction. The staff is seen as "directors" of the ministries they have been hired to serve and are fully empowered to lead the church through those areas of ministry.

Blue Oaks is seeking a Worship Pastor who genuinely possesses a pastor/shepherd's heart and will initiate growth, creativity, leadership, and connection. At the same time, building a team of passionate and influential musicians (paid and volunteer) for the main services, middle school services, and kids programs.


Blue Oaks offers a single service with plans to add a second service as in-person attendance requires. Congregational worship music is band-driven, featuring high-energy leadership and engaging music in the style of Elevation, Passion, and Hillsong. 2-3 vocalists (including the worship leader) fill the front of the stage and lead the band and congregation in participatory worship. The band setup is modern and rhythm-driven, featuring Drums, Bass, Electric & Acoustic Guitars, and Keys. The team plays to a click and leverages stems/multi-tracks through Ableton.

The weekend gatherings embrace creativity and leverage high-quality A/V/L technology. The production team, led by a full-time staffer and Production & Creative Arts Director uses vibrant lighting, ProPresenter, in-ear monitoring, a digital console, and quality stage sets and design. The Creative Arts Director is a valuable team member and will be a tremendous ministry partner to the Worship Pastor.

The overall purpose and feel of the weekend gatherings are to engage the believer in Jesus-centered worship while providing the unbeliever a venue in which they are exposed to the truth of God's love and grace through the power of His Word and genuine community with others. The environment is dynamic, compelling, and authentic. Blue Oaks also engages people through "life-change stories" shared through video as they baptize new believers.


The Worship Director/Pastor will lead people toward Jesus through the medium of art and music by overseeing the vision, planning, execution, and overall quality of the worship gatherings along with the Production Director and under the leadership of the Teaching Pastor, Matt Van Cleave and Executive Pastor, Joe Hartley. The successful candidate will lead, develop, and facilitate engaging and meaningful Christ-centered worship experiences. The Worship Pastor must have proven experience building teams as well as pastoring & mentoring other worship leaders on staff and developing high-capacity volunteers. They must be able to serve in a dynamic, multi-generational, and increasingly multi-ethnic congregational setting that represents the mission, vision, and interests of Blue Oaks and its philosophy of worship.

While Blue Oaks is blessed to have some gifted musicians and volunteers who selflessly serve each week, there are some specific areas that the new Worship Pastor will want to engage to take things to the next level and set healthy culture.

Team communication and connection - The Blue Oaks worship ministry sincerely wants a willing leader to connect with and invest in them. Someone who shows genuine interest in knowing the team and creating pathways for them to grow and advance in their skill, ability, and cohesiveness as a team will reap long-term benefits. This area of communication also extends to the Worship Pastor's connectedness to Pastor Matt and his desire to create effective and meaningful worship gatherings.

Service Preparation and Creative Flow - This team has been pulling things together on Sunday mornings and not holding a mid-week rehearsal/connection time. There is also a need for a strong "producer eye" on the overall flow of the service. The new Worship Pastor will want to engage these areas to increase the overall quality and effectiveness of the weekend experience.

Systems and Processes - While Blue Oaks has tremendous resources, there are areas where planning, resourcing, and communicating can be improved. These areas include music arrangements for the team, timeliness of delivering resources, systems for scheduling, volunteer recruitment, etc. A Worship Pastor with experience building healthy teams, cultures, and a ministry will be incredibly beneficial!

Kids and Student Ministry Worship Culture - Blue Oaks has a terrific team of staff and volunteers who lead these areas of ministry with excellence and intention. However, worship ministry is one place they sincerely want to initiate growth. The new Worship Pastor will assist in developing and leading a team of people who will bring leadership to these areas of worship ministry for kids and students.

Blue Oaks is looking for a leader who is confident enough to give leadership away to others and raise other worship leaders. Blue Oaks is blessed to have other strong vocalists who lead with passion, excellence, and confidence. They believe in a team-based approach to worship leading. The worship leaders must be able to connect with and capture the congregation, leading them to active participation. Their passion for Jesus, the people, and the team must be genuine and contagious!

The Worship Pastor will be a ministry partner to Matt on the weekends connecting with his leadership style and ministry philosophy to reach their community for Jesus. They desire a high level of musicality in someone who can lead the congregation with a strong platform presence and genuine heart for facilitating an environment where the worship of Jesus is at the center.

The Worship Pastor should represent Christ and His church with integrity in the community. They should be a team player and follow the Biblical model of sacrifice and servanthood by being willing to put the needs of others in front of their own. In all of their actions, they should be Christ-like, encouraging, servant-minded, and buy into the mission of Blue Oaks Church.


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Purpose & Structure

Under the direction of the Teaching and Executive Pastors, the Worship Pastor leads the church in worship and the development and management of the worship ministry under Blue Oaks's mission to "Lead Everyone Into Christ-Centered Living.”

Primary Responsibilities

Provide pastoral, visionary, and spiritual leadership to the Worship Arts Ministry and Staff paid and volunteer

Passionately call the church to worship in all Blue Oaks gatherings
Oversee all worship arts gatherings, including, but not limited to, weekend worship, special all-church events, etc.

Facilitate creativity by providing an ideas-oriented environment
Build and maintain a healthy & effective Worship Ministry
Provide spiritual oversight of worship Ministry volunteers
Provide directional leadership to Kids and Student Ministry Worship, raising a team of people who will effectively lead these areas.
Communicate to key people with clarity and promptly
Deliver expectations of others in the creative process on time
Meet regularly with the Teaching Pastor and others involved in leadership relevant to worship services and special events
Shepherd leaders who will build a worship culture that is continually attracting new musicians, technicians, and artists, infusing new talent, resulting in an ever-growing and dynamic worship ministry
Participate and be active in Sermon/Series Planning Retreats and meetings
Be available for staff and team meetings
Perform pastoral care duties of the church as needed
General Responsibilities

Establish and maintain an influential and active culture of spiritually and creatively discipleship among the worship team to ensure Blue Oak's best offering to God.
Develop your team to realize their God-given potential
Help produce outreach-oriented events that are strategic to the overall vision and mission of the church
Develop strategic plans for the Worship Ministry in alignment with the overall church mission, vision, values, and strategies
Oversee systems that facilitate good communication amongst ministry staff and teams
Set annual goals for the Worship Ministry under the direction of Executive Pastor Joe Hartley.
Oversee the creation and implementation of the Worship Ministry budget
Develop systems and structures that will create a healthy, God-honoring ministry culture
Organization Relationships

Accountability: Be accountable to the Teaching Pastor, Executive Pastor, Elder Board, and ultimately the congregation of Blue Oaks.
Oversee and lead Worship Ministry Staff and volunteers
Work in conjunction with the Production & Creative Arts Director
Team Member Contribution

Actively contribute to the improvement of the ministry of Blue Oaks Church and provide prayerful support.
Teamwork: Function well with co-workers, treating them with honor and grace.
Spiritual Encouragement: Encourage spiritual focus and commitment by modeling the DNA of Blue Oaks Church
Improvement of Ministry Operations: Contribute toward improving the ministry as a whole.

A man or woman of authentic Christian experience and established character.
Experienced in, and calling to, the work of pastoral worship ministry.
Ability to work on a team toward specific goals in a mutually informative and supportive manner.

A teachable and open attitude.

Bachelor's degree preferred but not required
Proven pastoral & ministry experience of at least five years as a full-time church staff member
They can clearly articulate their philosophy of building a healthy worship ministry and culture.

Salary will be determined based upon experience and education

Benefits include: Health insurance for the entire family, Paid vacation, Paid annual conference attendance or personal growth strategy, and a relocation package.


Blue Oaks Church
7139 Koll Center Parkway
Pleasnaton, California 94566


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Pleasanton, CA
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Full Time
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