Youth Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church
Newell , Iowa

Purpose of Position:

As Bethel’s demographics continue to change, so has the need for a youth pastor on staff. The youth pastor will operate alongside church leadership to promote the spiritual growth of students in our church, schools, and community and create a Great Commission culture amongst the youth ministry.



?      He is to meet the biblical qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:6-9.

?      Prefer prior ministry experience in the area of youth.

?      Bachelor’s Degree or a good level of biblical training is preferred.

?      Our preference is to have a married couple with some involvement from his spouse.


Skills needed:

?      Ability to handle God's Word in agreement with Bethel’s doctrinal positions

?      Good communication skills

?      Relational and loves students

?      Plan and execute youth activities that align with and help accomplish the church's mission statement

?      Ability to listen and provide biblical counsel to students.

?      Organizational skills


Primary Duties and Expectations:

?      To work as a team with the pastoral staff and elders.

?      The Youth Pastor will be a key part of this leadership team. It is essential that a general agreement exists in the working philosophy of the pastoral staff.

?      Lead and work closely with volunteer youth leaders in the planning and carrying out the ministry throughout the week through group and individual discipleship including youth sunday school ministry.

?      Shepherd the youth by building strong relationships with them and their families.

?      Establish a presence in the community by building intentional community relationships.

?      Provide biblical counsel to youth in cooperation with parents and pastoral staff as needed.

?      Coordinate the youth ministry with all other aspects of the ministry of Bethel Baptist Church so as to promote the strongest possible unity between them.

?      Be involved in Sunday services and willing to preach in coordination with the pastoral staff.


Operating in Your Strengths:

Though the primary responsibility of this position is with the youth 7-12th grades, we understand that every candidate is uniquely gifted by God and will consider additional duties based on the spiritual gifts of the individual.


Contact Information:

If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact us at:

Email - [email protected]

Geoff Smith - 712-730-1558


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Bethel Baptist Church
313 W. Highway 7
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Bethel Baptist Church
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Newell , Iowa
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Church Ministry