Student ministry intern at Berean
Kodiak Alaska 99615

Pastoral Intern (Youth Ministry Focus)

Role description

Term: 1 year

Full time

Directly reports to: Senior Pastor

Start Date: April - May 2023 (no later than June 1)


The Pastoral Intern serves Berean by assisting the senior pastor in: cultivating a healthy Christ honoring ethos at Berean, facilitating Christian flourishing at Berean, and mobilizing people to use their gifts to serve the body and the wider community for the glory of God.


Youth Ministry (6-12th grade)

To partner with the youth workers in reviving our youth ministry by investing deeply in our students lives through: personal discipleship, weekly gatherings, and other ministry activities
To partner with the youth workers in facilitating monthly events aimed at: building trust, reaching out and/or diving deep into Scripture.
To partner with the missions team to mobilize students to missional living through local and/or international missions.
Sunday Morning

To help coordinate the Sunday morning service, by partnering with the senior pastor and/or other ministry leadership to ensure all facets of the Sunday worship service are prepared and run smoothly (prayer team, worship team, bulletin, teach team)
Weekly Admin

Assist with “Berean Connected” newsletter as necessary
Assist with the making and distributing of weekly prayer list
General admin (basic emailing, word processing. etc)
Other assignments given by the Senior Pastor.

The Pastoral Intern (P.I.) must Meet the Biblical qualifications of a deacon in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. Beyond that the P.I. should embody these qualities:

A Love for Jesus and His Church The P.I. must be someone who is growing in their love for Jesus and has a track record of faithfulness to the local church. The P.I. should have a desire for pastoral ministry within the church.
Relationally Adept The P.I. should have a love for people and an ability to have meaningful connections with people.
Humility The P.I. must have a willingness to develop and learn under existing leadership.
Work Ethic The P.I. should be self-driven and able to work on everything from menial tasks to leading projects.
Theological Competency The P.I.must have a firm grasp on the Gospel and the essentials of our faith, as well as affirm/submit Berean’s Articles of Faith.
Teaching Ability The P.I.  should have the ability for teaching in large groups and teaching/facilitating conversation in smaller groups.
Healthy marriage/family The P.I. must have a healthy marriage (if applicable) that resembles Christ and the church. The P.I.’s Spouse must be supportive of their ministry and be willing participate in the body of Christ at Berean. Moreover if the P.I. has children he must lead his children in the Lord, not neglecting his family.
Adept at Youth Ministry The P.I. should have some experience (volunteer or vocational) and aptitude for ministering to teenagers.

This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is exploring a call into ministry or is looking to gain ministry experience. Our youth ministry has historically been vibrant, but recently has struggled. If you are a passionate follower of Jesus who loves ministering to teenagers this might be the perfect role for you. You will be given opportunities to develop and grow and even given preaching opportunities on Sunday morning (if desired).


About Kodiak

Known as the Emerald Isle, Kodiak is a paradise for people who love the outdoors. While people tend to think of ice, snow, and darkness when they think of Alaska, Kodiak Island’s location in the Gulf of Alaska makes our climate more like the Pacific Northwest than mainland Alaska.  Not only is Kodiak one of the most beautiful places on earth, our greatest quality is our diverse and eclectic community consisting primarily of Tagalog Speakers (Filipino),  Anglo Americans, Native Alaskans (Alutiiq tribes), Spanish Speakers, and a myriad other people groups. Located 250 miles south of Anchorage, Kodiak is an isolated community with its own unique culture. Kodiak offers many activities to residents who embrace our “outdoors culture,” including hiking, hunting, fishing, surfing, and beach bonfires. Kodiak has a population of around 8000 people, mostly unchurched.

Here is a video showing what Kodiak is like.


About Berean:

At Berean, our purpose is to glorify God in all we do. Our body contains families from diverse denominational backgrounds unified by a common desire to make Christ preeminent in all things. We have a strong emphasis on expository preaching and church-wide discipleship. We intentionally engage people far from God.

We are an inter-generational church, with a strong emphasis on personal discipleship. Additionally, we have an excellent Special Needs ministry, consisting of people with different exceptionalities ranging from autism to cognitive disabilities. Our church isn’t perfect, but we genuinely love one another and take care of our pastors.

For more info: Check us out @


Full time Salary + Parsonage

Health insurance for you and your family

3 Weeks of vacation

Travel to and from Kodiak will be covered


We will be accepting résumés until 3/13/23. Please Send a Cover Letter, résumé, 3 references (at least 1 Pastoral and 1 Professional), and social media links (if applicable) to [email protected]


1216 Ismailov
Kodiak, Alaska 99615


Matthew Altman
[email protected]


Kodiak Alaska 99615
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
30k + housing & utilities
Ordained position
Exempt status
Church Ministry