Senior Pastor for 3 point charge at Belwood Charge: Kadesh, Knob Creek, & St Peters
Lawndale, North Carolina

Pastor for the Belwood Charge : Kadesh, Knob Creek and St. Peters



·        Background in seminary education

·        A graduate or bachelor’s degree preferred; however all applicants will be considered

·        Must profess a call to preach

·        Models Christian behavior in daily living with a lifelong commitment to spiritual practice

·        Commits to continually mature in his or her Christian walk

·        Maintain a relationship of covenantal accountability with God and the church

·        Demonstrates a devotion to personal Bible study and prayer


Worship and Church Ministry:

·        Prepare and deliver sermons on a weekly basis to each of the three churches as per schedule. Be timely to each service.

·        Demonstrate a high value of Scripture; use scripture as the basis of sermon.

·        Hold service of Holy Communion for each church at least once per quarter

·        Officiate at marriages, baptisms, and funerals of church members.

·        Organize Confirmation Classes as needed for those who have a desire to learn more about our church and prepare for church membership.

·        Organize Bible Studies on a schedule that is to be determined.

·        Assist in developing a viable youth ministry. Provide opportunities for the youth to engage in service projects. Hold social activities for the youth (i.e. movies, bicycling, hiking, etc)

·        Conduct special worship services as outline by the Charge Council

·        Cooperate with the Charge Council on any other program needs that may arise


Outreach Ministry:

·        Establish a visitation program for the sick, homebound and bereaved members. In additional all members should be nurtured through fellowship and prayer.

·        Implement programs and events that are in alignment with the church’s mission, working with church officers and congregants to fulfill the goals and objectives of the Belwood Charge

·        Work with our local schools in determining how we can best be of service to the students in our area (i.e. backpack ministry, school clean up days, etc.)

·        Be open to working with nonprofits and other religious organizations in a cooperative effort to demonstrate the churches concern for all people’s welfare. (i.e. The Lord Provides Soup Kitchen, Scouting events, Blood Drives)



Organizational & Personal Skills Desired:

·        Confident and strong in dealing with confrontation

·        Professional and timely communication in all emails, conversations and other forms of communication

·        Sets an example by demonstrating strong moral character

·        Skilled at building teams and organizational structures

·        Able to clearly communicate within all aspects of the position

·        Maintains privacy when working with congregation members on sensitive issues


Administrative Skills

·        Work diligently with the church officers, boards, and committees to determine the direction of the church as issues arise.

·        Attend committee meeting for all three churches as necessary, and help to coordinate the three churches in joint mission/program objectives.

·        Skilled in financial management

·        Ability to communicate needs and timeframes with the Charge Secretary. Provides information for the Charge Newsletter on a timely basis (i.e. calendar information, a newsletter article monthly)


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Belwood Charge: Kadesh, Knob Creek, & St Peters
Lawndale, North Carolina
Lawndale, North Carolina 28090


Belwood Charge: Kadesh, Knob Creek, & St Peters
(704) 538-5420
[email protected]



Lawndale, North Carolina
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Church Ministry