Solo Senior Pastor at Arlington United Church
338 N Macleod Ave Arlington, WA 98223

Arlington United Church is a loving church which welcomes all God’s children to visit, worship, come again, and to stay! We are developing and implementing a simpler church plan centered on the themes: Love, Learn, Grow, and Serve.

We meet in a well-maintained historic building one block from the original downtown. The sanctuary is a traditional setting with stained glass windows, pews, organ, piano and band stage.  In-sanctuary quiet play area called the “Pray Ground" for children. The church is known in town for our ministry to the poor and homeless and for the church bells that ring on the hour.

Arlington United Church is centered in music, to praise the Lord in song.  The worship service is blended with contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns. Rejoicing with your voice or through instruments is a core value of Arlington United Church and we aspire to expand this ministry and see how it can minister to our community.

We seek to actively engage the surrounding community and invite those who would seek Christ to discover Him with us.

We have a heart for outreach in the community, with a history of ministering to the hungry and homeless. As with ourselves, we expect the pastor to treat every individual as a child of God. We’re weak in our ability to spread the gospel in our growing and multi-generational neighborhood, and to invite people into our church family. We look for pastoral leadership in this area.

Small groups are important in our church and can be a front door to further involvement in our church life. Our Pastor helps us develop and expand this program.

We seek a Pastor who will preach and teach God’s Word, minister to the people of Arlington United Church, encourage active participation by members and friends, including growth in our study and prayer life, and lead the church to reach out into the neighborhoods to make new disciples of Christ.

We seek a Pastor who will lead worship and preach with inspiration, passion, and creativity. We have a heart for multi-generational worship music and want to see this aspect of worship grow. Being multi-generational is important to us, and we seek to re-energize our youth program through pastoral guidance or direct leadership.

We’re a small church and look forward to pastoral visitations, as do those who need pastoral care and counseling, including the sick and elderly.

Currently, we have several small groups that meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  These small groups have freedom to choose their own course of study.  Some groups choose to read the Bible and discuss, others choose a specific book to read through together, and yet others are assigned a specific curriculum (mainly children's Sunday School.)  The Discipleship/Christian Education committee chooses the Sunday School curriculum, allowing for input from the Council and/or Pastor.  Currently, the youth group is studying the book of Matthew, and it has been great to have Biblical discussions with the teens and to watch them learn and grow together.

We see the need to expand small group offerings to provide more opportunity to invite friends and neighbors.

Our church has a strong missions focus with the desire to support local and global missions.  Currently we are supporting global missions through funds and prayer support.

Our desire is to be the hands and feet of Jesus and have Him lead our church to be a pillar in the community.

We’re aligned with two denominations: the Evangelical Covenant Church and United Methodist Church. We expect the Pastor to educate the members as to the ways of each denomination and make use of available resources from both.


Arlington United Church
338 N Macleod Ave
Arlington, Washington 98223


Chris Jones or Kellie Lish


338 N Macleod Ave Arlington, WA 98223
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
$50K-$80K depending on experiernce
Ordained position
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Personal Interaction
Church Ministry