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About Agape Asia:

Agape Asia is a Christian mission committed to sharing the Father’s love with 60 million at-risk and abandoned children in Asia, as well as sharing the message of Jesus with over 1 billion people in Asia who have not heard the gospel.

Position Overview:

We are seeking a passionate and experienced Part-Time Discipleship Lead to join our mission. The ideal candidate will be someone with a deep understanding of and experience working in diverse Asian cultures and communities, who is dedicated to making disciples, nurturing leaders, and facilitating spiritual growth organically. We are looking for an individual who is committed to equipping others and serving as a peer guide while fostering relationships, maintaining cultural sensitivity, and encouraging individuals from various cultural and faith backgrounds.

This person will oversee Agape’s progress towards raising up new leaders as we move towards our vision of caring for 5,000 children and transforming 300 communities with the Gospel by 2027. Agape’s 19 ministry partners minister in areas with very few Christians or where communities are totally unreached with the Gospel. The purpose of this role is to equip these leaders to better share their faith, plant churches, and raise up others who will join in this mission.

This will not involve training preachers or leading a formal curriculum. Rather, our focus is on creating processes and cohorts that will be available to all or most of our partners in Asia, whether online or in person. A major focus of this role will be working with existing partners and other organizations to create ongoing opportunities as well as identifying specific training on a case by case basis.


  • Strong Experience in Asian Cultures: Demonstrated experience working effectively within Asian cultures and communities, with a deep appreciation for their unique characteristics, customs, and traditions.
  • Discipleship and Leadership: Proven experience in making disciples and training leaders in a relational and organic manner, fostering spiritual growth through personal relationships.
  • Peer Guide Approach: Willingness to equip and mentor others without a traditional teaching or preaching approach, focusing on fostering peer-to-peer growth within the community.
  • Systematic Thinking: Ability to think systematically and create efficient processes to enhance the discipleship and leadership development programs.
  • Relationship Building: Exceptional relationship-building skills, capable of forming connections between various stakeholders, including Asian partners, Advisory Board, staff, and the local community.
  • Christian Presence: Ability to be an encouraging and constructively challenging Christian presence, fostering spiritual growth while respecting the cultural and faith diversity present in the region.
  • Collaborative: Ability to bring together partner ministries, Board Members, etc. and draw on the strengths of others.

How to Apply:

If you are a passionate, culturally aware, and experienced individual who is committed to growing the kingdom of God in Asia, we invite you to apply. Please submit your resume, a cover letter detailing your relevant experience, and a statement of faith to [email protected].


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Dale Taylor
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