Agape Dinner Coordinator at Agape Asia
Anywhere / flexible

About Agape Asia:

Agape Asia is a Christian mission committed to sharing the Father’s love with 60 million at-risk and abandoned children in Asia, as well as sharing the message of Jesus with over 1 billion people in Asia who have not heard the gospel.

Position Overview:

Agape Asia is seeking a confident and charismatic Part-Time Agape Dinner Coordinator to join our development team. The ideal candidate is someone with a network of Christian communities and leaders, who is skilled at sharing stories, and has experience fundraising. This individual should be personally capable of hosting Agape Dinners and also able to build a small team to help in this effort.

Agape Dinners are a new, but proven fundraising effort used by Agape Asia. Since 2022, Agape Asia staff have hosted five of these small, casual events to grow awareness and connect face to face with potential donors. Each dinner typically lasts one and a half hours, during which 30-40 guests receive free dinner, hear stories of God working through Agape Asia, experience some interactive elements, and are invited to join our mission. These dinners may be hosted at church buildings after worship, in community spaces on the weekends, etc.

This person will work with Agape’s other marketing and development staff to grow support for our vision of caring for 5,000 children and transforming 300 communities with the Gospel by 2027. The role will include tasks such as:

  • Creating and improving written and visual content for Agape Dinners
  • Personally hosting 5-6 Dinners per year. (Regional travel may be required, depending on the Coordinator's own network and ability to find suitable locations.)
  • Finding 2-3 assistant hosts (college interns or retired supporters)
  • Equipping assistants to successfully host Dinners
  • Reporting contact details, donations, etc. to staff and Agape database


  • Ability to tap into networks: Able to connect with Agape supporters, local churches, and their own networks to find communities willing to host Agape Dinners to plan events.
  • Charismatic Speaking: Confident speaking to crowds, sharing stories, and leading events.
  • Event Hosting: Able to plan events well, prepare materials, manage time, set up, clean up, include volunteers, etc.
  • Relational Skills: Comfortable meeting new people, making connections, personally inviting others into our mission, and making clear fundraising requests.
  • Attention to Detail: Can keep up with planning and follow-up details of dinners including names, contact details, donations, email follow-up, etc.
  • Christian Presence: Ability to be an encouraging and inviting Christian presence, inviting others to join our  mission of caring for children and sharing the Gospel in Asia.
  • Collaborative: Able to bring together existing and potential donors, cast vision to them for working together in Kingdom-oriented ways.

How to Apply:

If you are a passionate, culturally aware, and experienced individual who is committed to growing the kingdom of God in Asia, we invite you to apply. Please submit your resume, a cover letter detailing your relevant experience, and a statement of faith to [email protected].


Agape Asia
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Dale Taylor
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Anywhere / flexible
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Part Time
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